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i'm currently in college for general arts [hoping to switch off somewhere for digital media design, character concept art for video games] and studying japanese for the ruls and to get a little better at reading.

just doing these comics for the luls. to amuse me. if others are amused, i guess, enjoy. please take care of me here.
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here's another. 'cause i feel like it.

pretty sure that comment wins an award for the internets
lol. so testing was a lot more time-strained than expected. but here's one more. no more tests this week, so really, not pulling your leg here, should be more.
it's gonna keep comin'. expect more this week, ya'll.
yay. i have six other pages mocked up, so expect the story progressioonnn

i am actually rather productive, be proud of me. lmfao.
i don't think i'll delete the old pages. i'll show you progress, i think.

here's the new cover page. i feel it's more appropriate.

his shirt keeps changing, i notice this AFTER i draw it.

see, see, this is how long i haven't seen the last one. //facedesk, too lazy to change it.
PFFFFFF, yeah. this was a quick one, but since my classes this semester has repressed my anime doodles, this actually came out quite nice.
For once, a picture that was drawn traditionally

Thanks, Warcow, for giving me ideas 'n letting me use your scanner, fool 8D <3
Baaah, not the best I can do, but this was done about a week ago; and I haven't had time to finish it until now

College has started up again, so I'm getting back into the swing of things. Please stay tuned, there should be more in the future! 8D
HEY --
SIR. D:<

ffffff, haha.
..yeaahhh, laziness
ffff, as if i know what the hell I'm doing
So, just doodled the front page. I'll try to get some strips up soon, promise.