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a sprite editor, mostly custom maker.
Home site not actualy home site, some some site I'mcomic maker at.
Oh what the hell?
I updated?!? *GASP*
And here we go!
With new frame work and more cameos, this comic will now run forward, with a plot series!

Cameos seen in this comic;
Krim (that purple thing) by Krim (AKA; OWG)
Impulse (the hedgewolfthing) by jcus810
Skadu the Chameleon by Shadow X
CroisTH by James Bondage
Deuce by Deuce
Apoc the Hedgehog By Apoc
So here we go.
We had a 3 some plots, and now they are all gona be fused to one!
Aint it lovely?

Also, the Eradicorp weapons are made by Mimarin.
That all depends on the mood of the authors of the comics.. I at the moment have been busy and less motivated but I'm aiming for better updating schehual(sp?) in the near future.
It seems Minda aint giving up just yet.
Use decent backgrounds.
Please use some decent backgrounds.. That red is quite eye hurting.
Having a mind reader mom is great
Specialy helpfull on flash backs.
July 22nd, 2007
To add to news..
I got myself photoshop, making drawn comics will also be easier.
June 13th, 2007
making a drawn comic...
...With out a program with layers.
Well hope you liked it anyway.
Here he re there.
Those are his pockets what he refers with here.
we have a guest
Character called Ransuu is by Apoc.
I got permission to use her last week.. <<
Also this one is 2 parted, next one at next week!
I'm Baacccckkk....
Nice comic yes..
The comic is pretty good quality so far, the sprites are well made, and the humor is pretty good aswell...
Only thing I can a bit "bitch about" is the BackGrounds in some scenes like in the last comic, even though it was pretty good, you realy dont need to use all so bright colors in the custom BG's..
Also there were some other issues from the older comics but seemingly you've gotten way past above them in this time, I'm gona ignore them.


Very good comic graphic wise.
Pretty good humor.
Yuo get 8/10 in ratings from me.

Keep it up!
its HEGE.


I hate it when people call me Hedge.. -.-
February 23rd, 2007
The fight scene was a bit quick, but there is gona be longer fights later.
February 22nd, 2007
Archive is up now
Okey, most of the comics up to today are now up, now I'm gona add credit page to teh news and then get back to daily or weekenendish updating.

You win a cookie!
no 1.000.000$ question for you-
Yes its suppoused to be horrible
*post reserved for a link to the comic advertised*