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I'm more into AMVs and writting but still I can get some time for drawing. I'm totally amateur in this comic making thing, but I want to learn and I'll put my effort on it.

I'm a big fan of Death Note, and I'd love if you comment my comic "I'm a shaman". And with the same card, if you have a webcomic you would like me to comment I'll be there in no time.

Also, I speak Spanish fluently, and French not so much. If you want to chat, practice or whatever pm me.
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Well, in the pokemon world somewhere is explained that humans are a kind of pokemon so...
Not many comics out here have an ending, on top of that it really was well done. It's been years since I follow this story (guess it was page three or four the first I read). I lovd how the art evolved, amd how caracters turned out rounded. I guess it's a bitter sad ending, but it makes it more appealing.
This page is so emotional ;_;
Smart names, Asgore xD
Clever panneling :)
I loved the "nothing surprises me anymore" part xD
Is it me, or this page looks different in the drawing style? Anyway, I love how tired both look, it gives them a sort of character development.
I loved the montage. Cutest page ever.
Of where you are crying and a friend does something so silly that it makes you throw snots everywhere.
Moth again! So glad you are back.
I'm sorry for your lost, hope your family is dealing well with it. Don't push yourself too much, page is fine.
Yes! Go investigate for the sake of the plot :D
Is it me of M. Mania looks fatter. sure the characters have changed from the fist pages.
@SandSan: No, the dress is blue and white.
February 26th, 2015
I had to go back to the first pages because I no longer remembered those characters. Good job eliciting everything. Also, I noticed how much this comic has improved art-wise :D It's great.
Yep, my neopets have been starving for three years and counting. Anyhow, for some reason they continue being happy, those masochist bastards :D
The cane!? That would be too strange and fact is that no one (deranged in the moment or not) would have come out with this hint.
This is turning interesting :)
That's exactly my phrase after a ling trip :)
There was something about this page that I liked a lot, but I couldn't put my finger on why. So I read the comments and everything makes sense.
Oh no, it ends in cliffhanger D: