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Nay, not a filler, a throwback to the one panel days! >_>
Found it
But I'm too lazy to change it in this comic
The Font
Yes, the font is messed up in this one. I changed the font for the dinosaur comic, and still haven't figured out what font I was using before that >_> <_<
Bass might not be having patience so much as he has to wait as part of his deal.
Megaman should just threaten to not use another black hole bomb to get them out of the 8-bit world if they don't declare him the winner >_> <_<
Blatantly ripped off from
Round II
Round two was discovered to be an innuendo for something, which is why it was taken down. Thus making this round III >_<
For anyone who doesn't know.....

The first part of this comic is a semi explanation for the lateness.
RE: Pub
The character in sticky notes is based off me, but the comic isn't based off real life :P
Early comic in celebration of me forgetting the timer. AGAIN! :D
I didn't notice it before, but the lower right continent kinda looks like a duck.
Hiatus: over!
I'm making comics again! :D
Sticky notes *will* get started up again. Soon.
figure since it's 22 minutes till upload anyways, early update.
Semi-true story
I really was thinking about this while walking my dog, but there was no briefcase carrying stranger to talk to.
What they want you to think
They WANT you to think that we've never been to the moon. That way, you'll never catch on to the fact that on every mission, they take a little bit of earth's air up for storage. Eventually, air will become a scarcity, and they will buy your undying allegiance with the air that they've stolen. Tell your friends >.>
4 stars
The music gets 4 stars! Or 4 asterisks. Whatever. :P
Uploaded it now instead of on the timer again. Oh well
weird one
Ok, yeah, this one is a weird one. This is what happens when I wait until 8:30 to start working on a comic due in 3 hours >.>