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I like kittens and other fluffy things. Also cheese. And sarcasm.
Carnal Flower is the name of a fancy perfume. But don't tell Cinna that.

We're not quite out of hiatus, but enjoy the page. There will be one next week, too. :3
This is probably the most you'll ever see James smile ever again.
This is the point at which Chloe considers taking Cinna and using him as an ingredient.
Hey, everyone! Keep an eye out for Cinna stamps in the near future! Let us know on Tumblr or in the comments if you're interested.
There were bound to be ponies in a chapter about friendship. LOL
Happy New Year!

For those who asked a billion years ago about James's nickname or just need a refresher, there's a corresponding two part mini comic in the extras section.

Also have some fake inner Chloe dialogue.
December 6th, 2015
Hi! I hope everyone had/is having a great 2015. It's time for the annual 9-month update. LOL
We live months later for right now. Maybe sort of.
Okay. So some things. In an effort to try and get more pages out, LA is going to be sketchy for the time being because it's 2015 now and that's how we roll.

Next, there's a silly LA-related contest going on over on Deviant Art. There are no entries, so you have a good chance of winning by default.

Finally, art things: Chloe and alternate comic dialogue.
November 17th, 2014
Uhhhh. Hello. Happy November?
February 25th, 2014
9 months later! Tada! I don't really know how the update schedule for the rest of the year is gonna if you wanna email me some guest comics or something...IDK. Who even reads this anymore?
"Tell me about yourself" is a loaded statement.
<s>Only if you want to, Chloe.</s> We are going that route eventually. I could tell you what chapter specifically, but that would ruin everything.
@HalfAssedChaos: Chloe will always be the man in this relationship. LOL
If Chloe had her way, this comic would be way more inappropriate. Be back next week.
@HalfAssedChaos: They will be deleted eventually. ;3
Our updating schedule has been ish.
Editing purposes. Yes.
Wow, that's a lot of rooms.
Deck him in the face, Chloe.

Anyway, lovelies, this is the last week to enter in the raffle for free art of Chloe and James. We will stop accepting entries on March 31. So, if you want a sparkly James or Chloe, click here!
@HalfAssedChaos- Disapproving plant hair!
@Lu-He's not too happy with her now. (He would have accepted your hugs lol.)
I totally forgot it was Wednesday.
I didn't know it was Wednesday until I checked the day at work to see why I had two Tuesday folders.

Anyway, here is the update filled with sexual pheromones. And if you haven't entered the raffle for free Chloe and James art, consider doing it now over here! Entries are accepted until March 31.