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Hello! I'm Sora. Nice to meet you!
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ahh, Nilus even has Jet's scarf haha;;;
Well, if you would want your text to flow a bit freer (two of the sentences seem a little outdated) then you could change "This thing surely looks old!" to "Wow! This thing sure looks old!"; and "Since you seem to have time for sightseeing, then maybe give up already and go back home--" to "Since you seem to prefer sightseeing over the competition, then maybe you should just give up and go home--"

but it's nothing critical and the pages can be read :)

Another beautiful page as always!
That badguy has one awesome looking power :) Can't wait for it to be explained.
Sergio: And it's not like I have anyone to tell it TO anyway.. ;;n;;

Gah, this comic is so adorable. Eagerly waiting for the next update! <3
Sergio's pupils are shaped like hearts <3
KUDARI: Yesh, we shall marry now >:D (it works! I'm only a year younger/shotshotshot/) *tries to look for lj*


'cuz you won't be getting another one for a while c: (DRRR~~~<<333)

And so it ends--
You owe the updates to two people.

So the whole thing was--
Other than the 6 endings that I had in store; my grandma and dad roped me into korean drama. Jumong, to be precise, which runs over 80+hours. (It took me 5 days..) And to make matters worse, when I got back to the computer it turns out that I just saved-over the 5 pages that I already did (meaning, I saved each one, but they all saved under the same name leaving me with only the last page that saved). Cue me loosing motivation and binging on fanfiction and kink memes. I also had been binging on catching up to manga that I left alone-- one of them was Katekyo Hitman Reborn (I left off somewhere after the choice battle). Due to the recent events in the manga, I grew a love for the latest antagonist-- with the main character. Thus I put in a request in the kinkmeme promising fanart. Lo and behold, someone filled it (I squealed). So after I did the fanart (I swear it looked different then the style I use here-- it was the Enma laying down that gave me away wasn't it?!?!) my writer!anon just happened to connect my art style and identify me as the author of shidhy. S/he also said s/he would de-anon next update. So future waifu/husbando is person no. 1. The second person is much easier. I re-read zeromotion's bitch to get my creek going again (it always works).


The "I never did" story of SHIDHY is the least thought out of them-- I really just made it up as I go. Any other loose ends (Such as what the hell Craig and Tweek are going to do about the friend arrangements etc) will most likely be lampshaded in the future stories. (But I should; It's quite the contrary)

A-And I love you guys. dajkdhslkjfs ;A;

That's the end of the first story! (Sorry Craig, you'll have to try harder than that to get Tweek.) The next story will probably be updated on a less frequent basis-- I won't be starting it until I have free time again. Thanks for sticking around with me!

Ps; They change their hairstyles depending on the month :B
I know I said I'd try to update yesterday--
I really.. can't find the best way to do the ending I want. xD I drew out about 6 different scenarios already ranging from Craig apologizing to Tweek doing a shut-up-and-kiss-me moment. xD;;

This is an excerpt from the second page of the ending I'm currently working on-- though I changed some of the text. The next update will most likely end the first story (Most likely will be about a 6 page update)-- Until then!

So while I was gonna either do the Dip or Stolovan story next, after I finish the Creek one I'll be taking a break to enter that. <333
Tweek and his sexy legs
I think I've mastered how to draw middle fingers.

So now, Craig's asshole-ness (at least, just to Tweek) is (somewhat) justified!

Honestly, I drew all four pages in a row and my tablet crapped out by this one. I didn't want to restart since I had everything on one file.. *lazy*

Will try to update again tomorrow! It's off to bed for me <3
Another reference panel
So yeah. Tweek left out the third part in his flashback since in his mind what he said was perfectly reasonable.

..That, or he has selective memory.
This is what happens when two socially inexperienced people fight.
Hover over the other pages to see my comments. xD I didn't feel that they were relevant enough to actually make a comment about.

So.. Yeah. Craig really doesn't know how to deal with certain shit.

The certain shit will be explained next time.
The.. The dotted outline on the last panel.. it's.. GLORIOUS 8D
Here, have some fanservice
Since the creek isn't going to start for a while. xDD
Craig is not happy.
Ahhhh~ For some reason I adore the sight of the mummy drinking tea with such a nice posture.
zeromotion: Okay? xDD I kinda only made them brown since I saw a group picture of everyone and I swear that they put enough eye colors for them to power a rainbow otl;;

But yes, I prefer Clyde with blue eyes too <33 (I blame youuuu)
JACKIISAURUS: Uhm,... no? I mean, I hate to burst your bubble, but that's just the way I color when I try to cell shade. Base colors with a multiply layer. There's not much to do with it. Theivery is also the wrong term, as this is neither zeromotion's art, nor am I claiming to be zeromotion. Regarding imitating styles, do I need to mention xlou-chan's yuumei inspired art--- or do I need to mention the plethora of bleedman clones on dA? Bleedman is a different story though; as some/most of the artists TRY to imitate bleedman's style. This image came out the way it did out of coincidence. I just happen to color in a way similar to that which zeromotion uses. And while I admit, I took the bright colors idea from her (And possibly DEE? I remember her commenting on something like that..) there isn't many ways to cell shade bright colors; let alone normally color bright colors without it looking somewhat like what zeromotion did. Why? Because they're bright colors. Oh, and zeromotion already saw my comic. If she had a problem with it she would let me know herself.
My tablet konked out... TAT
My tablet's working again! <333