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Beyond Massacre
I'm an artist, and writer. A yaoi lover, and a Bl lover. ^_^ I don't really feel like writing much here, but I'll tell you this. The icon I am currently using (which is in poor quality due to having to shrink down the kb by changing the image to GIF and it killed some of the color >_< ), is completely and utterly created by me (meaning I drew it and colored it X3) So, I do have some art...talent...if you can call it that. (I'm so not a confident person >_>; ) Anyways, feel free to talk to me, I won't bite your head off, and I'm always glad to help people here~ (apparently I can write some amazing stories for my age, so if you need help with that, I'll help ya X3 )
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Comment virginity!
Abel's expression is so beautifully done! :3 I really like this page, well, I like all the pages so far :3 (I hope I'm not the only one who's going to comment again........... =x=;; )
Edit: Comment virginity! 8D
Poor Jacob!!! :C
Also for some reason I think it was Val. Mostly because it seemed like it was in his head and the only person who has access to that is Val, but it also doesn't seem like him so IDK, but I'd like to think it's Val. (long comment is long) I love these last few pages OuO Also I am so all over the place aah.
Oh my God, the lighting is just so beautiful!!!! ;u; This page is also beautiful and Jacob looks so cuteee, especially in the last panel! Beautiful page seriously. I cannot express how pretty it is sjhdkhdljd;
Oh man, I just gotta say I've been adoring the art for these pages lately! xP

Also I am so intrigued on what made Jakob stand up for Zadel and what's going to happen next. OUO I'm really excited to find out more.
(Ha, comment virginity taken whoot)
Aww, the past few pages the characters have been looking so cute! Also oooh I wonder if Zadel came up with something! x3
(and what it is!)
Oh my gosh this page was totally worth the wait, and I totally don't mind the missed update xP Take all the time you need dear.

I loooove this page!!!! The angles, the expressions, the dialog, it's all so beautiful and perfect and agjajhshls. It made me a little giddy to be honest! <3333
@Shishi Beru

Yeah, it seems so, and whoops, my bad. xP
Well, still, the girl is pretty and cute.

Also d'awwww, I can't relate to this part entirely, but I again kind of know how he feels. Poor Jacob.
I actually sort of know how Jacob feels. I'm not really super pressured into it like Jacob, but my parents really want grandchildren, and as my brother doesn't really seem like he's going to be getting into a relationship anytime soon, they kinda keep hinting at me to have children.

I don't want any myself, and also I actually won't be able to have children most likely. That is if I get my sex change when I'm older heheh.

Anyway, I can sort of relate to the poor boy. Also despite not seeing his mom's eyes, she looks sort of pretty/cute hehe.
How do I hold all these feels??? <33333333333 I just want to scoop them both up and hug them and make them kiss and and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!

Jacob's thoughts are soooooo cuuuuuuute~!!!!! Just awwww. To want Val there like that...want it so bad. It's romantically adorable.

shkal;hs;hka;'LS;HKS;LHS' I'm squealing so hard right now. Also Jacob looks cute in the last panel! Even if it's only part of his face. xP
Oh my God I missed this so much! Glad to see this updated again! <3333
Welcome back dear.
Aw I love this page!
Zadel looks sexy and creepy <333
Also Jacob looks really cute >u<
Even though Val's face should creep me out, I think this is ridiculously adorable xDDD I am totally inlove with this pairing it is ridiculous too. (never liked Val before...but even since this pairing, I've adored him. )

I also wonder if he got turned on again...
You're not saying he does, but there is the panting (though that might be because Val might of hugged him too hard) ?
OH MY GOD Jacob is sooo cute in the 3rd panel holy carp! >////////<
and....reading Val say that is incredibly sexy.
Yeeeeees. I have really fallen for ValxJacob so I am totally excited now <33333 Hehehehe Val is soo cute. I just adore him.
Adorable <33333333333333333333
and somewhat sexy ;D
lulz. I am so happy to see this,
even though I am about to pass out from
exhaustion. It's 3 am, and I haven't been up this late in forever since I've been getting up in the morning.
Hehe awwww he's a tsundere? That's so cute >u< <333 I love him even more now.
So cute, sweet and...sad.
This is so adorable so far ;u; <333
LOVE it!
This is a really good comic so far! >u<
I can't wait to read more! (I found this on the first page this morning hehe so I checked it out)
Really, really love Naota~ <333
He's pretty hot P;
Wow poor Tommy. xD
I can't believe Dake's into those kinds of men though =n=;
I think they are ugly to me, but you know, not everyone agrees.
Tommy is my ideal least appearance wise. Brown/black hair, skinny, with pale, pale skin....mmmmm~ <333