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holy shit he's alive
You are my lord and savior
holy shit it updated

does this mean that

(were both an faget?)
2 cycle engines are for

cool dudes.
My welding jacket came with bondage gear.
I've never seen a welding jacket that looks like that, and I worked as a welder for a while.
who the fuck needs a welding jacket to sharpen a blade

it doesnt matter if its impractical, its fuckin manly
that's more of a knife

and did you shave with it

if not youre an double faget
real men shave with machetes

At least I'm not an faget
Toin coss.
(ur still an faget)
The bans were actually a misunderstanding with "Duck Nazis" who were targeting Lugzy, and said friends were confused with them for saying rude things to him when he didn't leave as asked.
Sorry lugzy, but you definitely reported them to the admin for telling you to stop being an annoying cunt, which resulted in bannings.
I am not trying to show maturity, I'm trying to have a little fun.
"hurr hurr hurr hurr i cant ban people lel" well of fucking course you can't, but you bitched to the admin to get them banned.
Actually, I completely forgot about it, until a friend was talking about it. I came here for the funs. I wanted to see a reaction, and they all got banned because he was posterior pummeled that he was criticized for being a bad recolored sprite, and was just an annoying smartass prick all the time, so when he was told to fuck off he cried to admin and everyone got banned over it.

And for lack of better words: http://i.imgur.com/VQc4J0v.gif
------>The point

------>Your head
I spelled it wrong as a joke.
He got many of my friends banned.