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Now I wanna know what's a more extreme reaction than Anna's. So very, very curious
Final Chapter?
Holy cow. We're almost done?

Can hardly believe it.
I don't suppose we could get more detail.

Feels like in this iteration, the personal lives are more confusing.
October 23rd, 2016
Ha! Because sand always manages to get into people's swimsuits...

Welp, consequences.

It's probably about time Sarah faced some over there. I always felt she as kinda dismissive of authority figures.
August 28th, 2016
She still looks so dazed. I can't stop grinning and chuckling.
So... as a reminder, this is Hyo we're talking about, right?

I didn't know he was a neighbor. Maybe I wasn't paying attention.
It is rather interesting...
Just the impact an initial reaction would bring.

If it had been me, mine probably would have been the words "Oh God, what are you going to do?"

Things might be different for Emily if she'd gotten that reaction instead.
Holy Crap. I'm caught up.

I can't believe I'm caught up!
May 21st, 2016
But you said we'd never see him in this comic!!
May 21st, 2016
Gods Damnit, Da Xia.

Please tell me, she at least hid. Please?
March 30th, 2016
Now I'm curious just what he was doing. Like how was he trying to murder her?

Suffocation from the inside out? Shriveling? What?
March 30th, 2016
UGH. Why is it always humans??
Always the ones being dicks and being prejudiced to everything. *sighs*
Called. It.
Foreshadowing, indeed...
It's a drain issue and her hair is loose and all over the place.

I just know she's going to get her hair stuck in the drain. Probably traumatized her mentally for the future making it impossible for her to swim anymore.

Would be a good call back to her almost drowning in that pool at her first villain con. Seeing as here she just dives in with confidence.
Is Troy's grandmother from his mother's side or father's?

Just trying to get a feel. I'd understand if it's his maternal grandmother. But if his paternal grandma... well, that would be hard to understand.
Yeah... this? This is not how to be chivalrous.
I consider myself a prude.

But even so, I totally appreciate Moogi for that. People need to counter protest the outrageous stuff more often.
Isn't Sarah technically sorta working for Mrs. Cranberry? Part timeish in exchange for living arrangements?

You'd think she wouldn't be so flippant about such things in that case...
I do not remember Alison for the life of me...