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Yep... Called it.
@aryaya: You know what? I'm starting to lean that way myself, actually.

It seems like a standard adult thing to be pissed about too. Like, why didn't you come get me or help or whatever?
Okay so they know shit went down that wasn't Kylie's fault because they got the cops taking his statement...

So why is Kimrick so pissed? *frowns*
I'm all caught up?
Nooooooo! I don't wanna be all caught up.

This story has so much angst material. I fear there will be much stress every week.
One of these is a dream...
Either, seeing his friends and that horrible trauma was a nightmare...

Or this is currently his dream/nightmare while he's currently unconscious.

I don't know which would be better

Please let the backpack smother the flame. Please let the backpack smother the flame.

Also, don't let Kylee get seriously hurt!

How is he gonna explain this to Kimrick??
Oh no, wait. Wait!! The joint! It was still lit!

*flails* Kylee is in double trouble but he doesn't know it!!
January 25th, 2019

Okay, then now I'm not so conflicted.
*drawn out sigh*
It's because he's all insecure about where his place is with Kimrick.

He was all confused and here's a connection with his old life and where he knew his place just fine.

Gosh, I hope this doesn't become a big issue.
January 21st, 2019
@hkmaly: Good question, indeed.

Her brothers or the others?
aww... God Damn it.
Oh no... No no no no... Not the roof.

Damn it, Kylee.

Do Not make him fall, author goddess. Do not make him fall. It'd be too predictable. You don't wanna be predictable, right?

So let's not do that, okay? Okay.
Are they laughing because happy? I felt a weird burst of mood whiplash for a second
September 7th, 2018
Well, she is compatible with Horus. Can't be surprised she's a bit open in that regard.
Oh wow... Oh gosh...
Ky... play it cool, OK. Play it cool, Kylee.
I kinda wanna know how this started.

Andy was clearly drunk. Lauren wanted to get drunk...

Was that all it took? Alcohol?
People did call it on the last page...

Some things are rather predictable
@Rose: Personally, it looks like there's tongue involved. I can understand affectionate relatively chaste kisses between friends and even family.

That just looked like frenching to me which seemed beyond friends... at least not without the benefits.

Tongue seems like crossing that line. The invisible boundary that separates this person from naked intimacies.
This is why humans are so complicated.

Even if it could be stated that they used to fuck and now they don't fuck anymore which would make being like a brother make more sense...

It's still a little weird. Part of it is the kiss which looks like tongue is involved.

Like when a person kisses a person and they say it was like "kissing my brother." Like what does that mean? That there was no chemistry?

Questions! Humans are so complicated!