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Oh no... No no no no... Not the roof.

Damn it, Kylee.

Do Not make him fall, author goddess. Do not make him fall. It'd be too predictable. You don't wanna be predictable, right?

So let's not do that, okay? Okay.
Are they laughing because happy? I felt a weird burst of mood whiplash for a second
September 7th, 2018
Well, she is compatible with Horus. Can't be surprised she's a bit open in that regard.
Oh wow... Oh gosh...
Ky... play it cool, OK. Play it cool, Kylee.
I kinda wanna know how this started.

Andy was clearly drunk. Lauren wanted to get drunk...

Was that all it took? Alcohol?
People did call it on the last page...

Some things are rather predictable
@Rose: Personally, it looks like there's tongue involved. I can understand affectionate relatively chaste kisses between friends and even family.

That just looked like frenching to me which seemed beyond friends... at least not without the benefits.

Tongue seems like crossing that line. The invisible boundary that separates this person from naked intimacies.
This is why humans are so complicated.

Even if it could be stated that they used to fuck and now they don't fuck anymore which would make being like a brother make more sense...

It's still a little weird. Part of it is the kiss which looks like tongue is involved.

Like when a person kisses a person and they say it was like "kissing my brother." Like what does that mean? That there was no chemistry?

Questions! Humans are so complicated!
*sighs* I forgot that this used to leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Good thing he's not a main character otherwise I'd have to stop reading all together
Le Gasp!
Could... could they be working this out?

One can only hope! *crosses fingers*
Thank you for pointing that out, Ky!

Because this guy is being a stupid ass. There was plenty of time to stop, mister Kim! Plenty!
I knew it. Stupid, predictable man.
March 27th, 2018
Is that so...?
*cracks knuckles* Let's box. *makes bring it on gesture*
*snorts and smirks*
Yeah... this was cute.
@Summer Wine: See, it was my impression that was finger work. Which would make sense because Kim had the lotion last after he snatched it from Kylee again. (Because Kylee took it back the first time it was snatched away)

In fact, that's one of the reasons I was disappointed. Because I didn't consider actual sex had happened before the time skip. Not to say Kim couldn't have been rough with his fingers but I don't imagine he went crazy on Ky when it was all said and done.
OK... so I'm weak.
Damn you for such likeable characters! No matter how much last page disappointed me, I can't let it go. *sighs* I especially want more Kimrick.

Aaaaaah! Now the waiting is gonna be torture! I'll just cross my fingers we'll get more completion next sexy time go around.
The webcomic equivalent of fading to black...

If there was actually a place to review this, a star would be taken off by default. Just a rule I have...

Don't know what your reasons but I'm a little mopey so I'm just gonna leave this comic for a while until the plot progresses enough that I can forget my disappointment.

Guess maybe a year? *counts down the weeks*
This makes me want to read some classics. That's from Fall of the House of Usher, right?

Best get hunting.
So he was tricked into committing murder...

Because he thought the victim had betrayed him?

Did it summon other ducks or is that like its killing intent?