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Name: SonicRanger the Enchantress
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Likes: The ocean, my family, my friends, and vampires

Character Bio: I am a friendly, caring, understanding girl with a secret. I am actually the Goddess of Creation, but I am simply called Creation. I used to simply be a normal girl with two younger sisters, RoboPika and Sector B(my real life sisters), but one day that changed. Though, like all gods and goddesses, I now have an Opposing Goddess(the god/goddess who opposes your own power)and her name is Mayhem. Though, I cannot let anyone know of me being a goddess. If too many people know, it will throw off the balance. Because I can't let people know my secret, to cover up the fact that I can use very powerful magic, I say that I am an Enchantress.

...Well, that's all really. XD

I'm very dedicated christian too. If you're a teen who could use someone to talk to, christian teen to christian teen, I'm more than happy to help you. I know from experiance that sometimes it's hard as a teen to understand or handle being a christian sometimes. I can answer questions too. So, don't be shy.
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ROFL I totally remember that!! He's terrified of loops because he hasn't come yet to the understanding that you DO NOT stop in the middle of it! XD I love that this keeps popping up!
Wow, it would suck to be those two right now. XD
ROFL Nice page, nice title, nice comment by plasma_knight303, and awesome "YEAAAAAAAHHHHHHH"! XD
Man its been a while since I've been on SJ. Hey, Lugbzurg!

Anyways, glad to see this is still rolling! =)
RoboPika Here!
My best rendition with what I could find :3 I could have fixed the white stuff around the Selfies, but I really didn't want to, so...
..dang. The dialogue of this comic utterly suck.

I came to look it over, and I can barely get myself to continue. It's so badly done. Terribly put together plot, awful dialogue, and half of it is pure coincidence along with my horrible spelling.

So glad I remastered this whole thing on DeviantART. New characters, new places, new time period that is far better set up. Because I agree that Rouge shouldn't be alive 100 yrs later. That's as bad as godmoding.

Anyhow, for anyone who reads this, you're better off checking out "Sonic Future 100" on my DA account "SonicRanger-1". Trust me, its FAR better than this would ever be.
Yay for another page! Even though I'm late reading it. XD

Also, I love how you decided to have Zonow originally speaking another language! I'm pretty sure that's new. As far as I remember, he always just knew how to speak English.

Funny. I just realized we're both re-vamping our number one stories and both switched to DA. XD Though, I only made it four years here on SJ. Writing is far easier on me than spriting, or drawing like you do, so DA was great for their literature uploads. =)
I will always love your art, PB. =D
@parrish_broadnax: LOL! Great work on this page, PB! It looks awesome! =D
WHOA!!! Sane Rosy!?!? Could anything be less sane!?

Also, dang! Ashura is totally mad now! Gonna kick "Stuffy's" butt!! XD Awesomeness!
Aw man, this is AWESOME!!! =D
Way past awesomely cool page, PB! I'm really loving how you put more of your awesome art in than sprites! X3 Epic work!
Looks great! Glad to see you haven't dropped the comic. =) Still can't help seeing the characters I dreamed up from this. XD As I've told my other friends I admire stories from, when I really like something enough, I can't help but create characters of my own for it. X3 This comic is so cool, I made four!
Ok, I'm gonna be totally honestly here. In that last panel, best up Zonow looks really kinda hot. X3 And I'm not talking about the little flame either.
HA!! I KNEW IT!! YOUR TAIL REALLY IS MADE OF CRYSTAL!! *innocent smiley face* ...Just sayin'. That's always what it looked like to me. X3
Epicness!! You make Rosy seriously awesome! XD
And so it's begun! Here's the link!
I already have about three parts posted! I will try to post a part everyday, so check in each day and enjoy! =)
XD 30 pounds under-weight! Good one! X3
AWWWW!! I love this page! Officially my new favorite page! X3 My favorite character being totally cute with her little hubby! X3