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I like to draw, right now I have a bit of old art on my DA and I'm working on improvement. I'm really picky about my own drawing styles so I'll switch alot if you ever see a comic that changes alot sorry D":
September 3rd, 2009
D:< Stupid abusive umbrellas...
Tch. That's what you get old man D:< Love the new banner, btw.

Reilly's face is like. D": WTF??
Gah I love his socks. XD
:o I did that with a mouse too, cept we caught it in like a ... I dont know what kind of tube... I love your comic ;^; It's amazing so far.
Oh joy, chaos? Can't wait to see~!
Nuu don' upset your daddy!! I love your comics!!!
How did I not see that coming? Well... I don't know but I want one >:O
*Has an idea of who Mr.Porter is* ( Maybe ) D": The random laughter, It made me laugh. Then be a bit weirded out as well