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Name's Kate.

Gay's the thing.

I'm sixteen, aspiring to train horses and be a book editor.

I edit grammar. It's great.

Currently attempting my first comic. In the manga style. Because that's how I've always done stuff.

I won't put it up until I have a tablet or something and can make it look pretty.

Good BL or yaoi is wonderful. Anddd I'm slightly heterophobic. And I'm asexual. Crazy combo there.

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    Katherine West
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Round two?
Hurrrr this is my second time reading. Pretty sure it's just as awesome as the first time 'round. ^___^


O hai, I'm not a creeper at all. Pfft, fool.

Fave tele show, for sure. And I live in Oregon. Which is i the western US. *is shot* No one actually cares about Oregon, so whatevar. *shot again*

And I must say, I love this take on Pokemon. It's been forever since I've seen something original with them. And your art style is refreshingly wonderful.

Why am I a creeper? Oh, because I actually just let a tear slip that this is the end.

Good God, I love you. And Acid Monday.

By far some of the best time I've spent on the Interweb has been reading this. Which is [moar than] slightly sad.

NEWAY, I love and look forward to moar of your gayness in the future.

Yes, I would buy a copy. No, I am not old enough to do it without my parents knowing. They wouldn't care - but it would change their perspective of me. Wait a year and a half. Then I will find and stalk and marry you.

I love all the Mulan references and quotes. That just officially MADE MY DAY.

Bahaha, now I am theorizing that all the guys in Mulan are gay. Because that's what this makes me think of.

Trax sounds manly. 'Nuff said.
January 24th, 2010

Finish your sentence boy.

*anticipating next page intensely* Love ett. And your style. It makes me smile. And that rhymed. =]
Bahahaha. Ego.

His expression makes me smile. =]
Bwahaha. Oh silly Clover, don't make those larger than you hate you. BecauseCloveristiny.

Is that his sole reason for revenge? Aidenissoirritable.

So much drama in the boys bathroom. =]
Last panel is win.

Hahaha. Definitely laughedoutlaud.

Blonde's the best. =]
Pwned. By a book.

If that's not awesome, I don't know what is.
I love Martin.

He's got the cutest face.
Romanticism FAIL.

Silly boy.


Blonde's adorable. =]

Do not stop damn you. I mean - I worship you [closer to the truth] and am really curious as to whattttt is going to happen.

Hah. He called him a twink. *snortcough* Thatwordmakesmelaugh.
Yes Monday. Yes.

Nao go to Clover and make it up to him huge time.

Monday you're evil. Punch the fucker and go save Clover.
Ren is a ninja.

It is decided.
Oh my God. That was basically the cutest effing thing evar. I'm in love for serious.
Oh God the angst.

I'm not breathing. OhshitI'mdying.

Jeez Clover, what didja' think Monday was doing in the bathroom all that time. Naiveee child.
I think I see the word "position" in Larxt's speech. Plox tell me he's giving Clover suggestions. =]

OH NO I smell plot. Ohshitforgotaboutaplot.