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Sorry we haven't gotten any new comics up the last few weeks. Feyuca's going to her first year of college, and it's been busy. I would draw some, but it might look really awkward, so be prepared.
lol. Hanging weight... :D
You're Right.
Yeah, it's from that tea leaves reading thing. I'll get my sister to do a commission soon ... if you want one.
I Tried...
I tried to stop her, I really did.

But because of those puppy-dog eyes (and vicious threats XD) I let it pass for her birthday.

EDIT: feyuca is too lazy to log onto her account and wants to say that we will be slowly moving off of the one page gags. There's a story in here somewhere; other characters gotta be introduced and other sides of Edwin will be shown in chapter 2 (just 10~ more pages, guys!)
And all over a quarter...
August 6th, 2009
The Horri- Dazzling Aunt!
One of the reasons that the demon-aunt looked so weird was because I, instead of Feyuca, drew that particular box. But we did have a tough time editing it. There are so many ways to make her look as beautiful as can be! XD
August 5th, 2009
Pebbles always make very good friends.

Of course, one of the reasons the chair may feel uncomfortable is because of that mountain of gold and cash.