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I hope you'll put it on SJ eventually. I've left DA over the way they treated the trans* community a while back, but I still want to read this comic, because I really like the characters. Your art is lovely, too, which is a nice bonus :D
I'd buy books, as long as there was a good few chapters in each. About 160 pages does sound good. Shipping to Norway tends to be ridiculous, so I never buy single-chapter books. As for price, $15 - $25 would be ideal, but a higher price wouldn't necessarily stop me buying.
Just delurking to say that I love this comic.

While I do like men who look pretty, I can't stand the weepy uke type you usually see in yaoi. It's not just because it's girly, either, because I wouldn't read something with girls acting that way, either. Either way, it's pretty demeaning. It's not like you can't have a more "pretty" type of man without having him be a weepy, delicate flower. I've pretty much given up on mainstream yaoi because of that. Well, that and the "rape = love" attitude.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that while I don't mind a more pretty and elegant appearance on a man in a comic, I still want them to act like men. Or if they have to act feminine, act like women with some spine, at least.