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i have a bad feeling about this
December 14th, 2011
sleep sweetie
... snuggles!

also, there is an idiomatic english expression to "talk in one's sleep", which might be what you are refering to in the "even in his dream" bubble (that is, sleep instead of dream). just putting this here for consideration, it works just fine the way it is too :)
oh my god pifo! noooooo! D:

love the musical notes, you don't see those often enough XD
"then i'd say you failed and deserve to starve" *narrowed eyes* it seems these guys need to be beat in a more literal sense
August 29th, 2011
wow, a whole year? happy b-day aminals! and keep up the good work, this comic is amazing and i bet i'm not the only one patently impatient for the continuation XD
mmmm... LOVING that beard... *drool*
i found this a captivating and really touching story. the artwork is amazing. loved every page! seems like a story to come back to as well, and i'm not just saying so because of the comments of people reading it for the second/nth time...
thanks for the warning tyrus XP

awesome timing for an intrerrutption, really like the disposition of this page
those are some creepy cats... in a very cute shojo kind of way... wait how does that work? O.o
thank you for an amazingly cute story, and for sticking with it until the end :D
awesome series! <3 found it just in time for the poll to *snicker*

so many cute pairings... i vote ShinjixLucus and IoxIto, though, since the idea struck me, i haven't been able to shake ShinjixLucusxIo from my mind. oh the drama of that pairing! *sparkly eyes*
goregeous, love the last panel *double-update-happy-dance*
me vote zodiac! lol kani looks really weird as a woman, but i suppose it makes sense that the sneaky ninja is the one playing dressup XD

i was thinking, since his chin is now the most visilbe part of his face - shouldn't kani shave? O.o