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Thief King
Well...I'm just this person, you know?

*snort* Brilliant. xD
I wanna hug him...poor thing.......
Dio has that effect on people. Run Jace while you still can. ...if you must. xD
*snort* Morning made....
I can relate SO much to this...... O.o
Ahahahahahaha! Theo popping up like that made my day! ^^ LOVE! And I personally think Frank is amazing. *cuddles him* x3
Fan lost here? NOPE. xD I think's he's hysterical!
I lied. New fav. O.o

THEY NEVER DO!!! EVER!!! SILLY SIMS I AM GOD!!! ........Imma normal, I swear....
Found my fav. WOOOT!
This is gonna be good. O.o
I[ve decided I'm in love with this comic. MORE.
Hahaha. I think I'm in love.

...with this comic! xD
This is gonna be good, I can tell. Keep up the good work!
Thief King
February 23rd, 2011
He just wants to be loved...:(
Her couch does look especially comfy...mmm...but only if Dake is on it as well....xD
Agree with above. FAV.
I'd have learned to play harp too....xD
Thief King
September 16th, 2010
Ooo, now my brain's going 'what?'. I love the coloring in this more than anything really. Its amazing! Keep up the good work! ^^