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Thief King
Well...I'm just this person, you know?

Thief King
October 17th, 2011
I'm hoping they have security cameras. Then he's just talking to himself. O.o Or a guard. I don't know...I'll go somewhere else now.....oh, but congrats on the new site! ^^
I want a subconscious like that. I wonder how he feels about Poe. O.o
Thief King
September 26th, 2011
Says the ghost who was ducking for cover a few strips ago. -.-; Oh Poe, what are we going to do with you.
Still not used to backgrounds that aren't technocolored. -.-; And my my, compliance chip? This will not end well...or will it? O.o
*snort* Brilliant. xD
Thief King
September 15th, 2011
At first I was like 'what?' and then I was like 'what?'. xD
Thief King
September 8th, 2011
It is SO WEIRD not seeing a trippy background. Tripp's statement caught me as odd because of it. He sees Willy Wonka weird stuff all the time, he should be enjoying the break.

And I can see the comic just fine. ^^
I like Tripp's 'are-you-serious' face.

I think Poe wants to go just in case the clones are ready.
Thief King
August 29th, 2011
Either this trip has taken a turn for the worst, or Tripp has entered the section oft he twilight zone the rest of it refuses to acknowledge.

Of course, he'll do the first three, realise he needs to save his eyecandy, and then try to find a way to save her.

Or something. I don't know. O.o
Thief King
August 25th, 2011
I'm with Poe.
As long as he's not an overly depressed android, I'm game.
I wanna hug him...poor thing.......
Dio has that effect on people. Run Jace while you still can. ...if you must. xD
*snort* Morning made....
I can relate SO much to this...... O.o
Lol, Poe! And alien...yeah...yeah....I can see that....
Ahahahahahaha! Theo popping up like that made my day! ^^ LOVE! And I personally think Frank is amazing. *cuddles him* x3
Fan lost here? NOPE. xD I think's he's hysterical!