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I gotta stop leaving for months :P
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I was going to do mashed potatoes before.
This is the kind of comic I suspected to make sometime. But not with any quiting.
I wonder if I should do this, cause I don't really count as new except if you count anyone who joined this year.
I dunno why, but I suddenly feel as if there should be some backup version of her AI.
Now I can CONFIRM that the game is all it's hyped.
Aurax, It means you get angry after how bad the ads are compared to smackjeeves. Most of the ads are horrible.
One. It might be THAT comic.
Eli is my vote. Also, chicken hat or boxers optional. Scream "TWO PLUS TWO IS WINDOW CLEANER"
Well that's impossible unless you have a kind of weapon enchancing system to mix eggs with stuff.
Meh, you were off topic.
Sorry if I sounded a little critic-y there.
Overused memes as an attack and slightly out of character boom?
I think she could dodge it or even take it.
>Go outside and embarrass saiz.
I fell down the stairs. Ow.
I kinda stopped caring about you when you switched to the new account :P
Why is bre in your avatar?

You're acting like shadowfan with the boasting yet less than decent comics, insulting anyone who says you're bad.
I was't agreeing with the harsh comment :P

Also, as we said, IT'S FOR FUN :P
I'm not sure if Zax and Darkar count as "Dead, not gonna use em" characters after the dying down, but I don't care.
Okay, conclusion plan: CK orders Darkar and Zax to find flammable fluids, while he goes to work on some sort of ship with BD.Then a clone chimera busts through the wall like the kool-aid man.