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Animation student who likes to draw comics and stuff.
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This is the end f Lost Nightmare!
Please read the whole story at
New page up on
New page is up on
This is the best panel of the whole chapter!
New pages contain pirate Jasper!! Check them out here
I'm sorry I forgot to announce last week's page but here's this week's page as well!
I haven't been home for a while so I couldn't announce the last two pages here. Today a new page came out so read all three new pages on
I'm sorry, I was at a convention last Friday so the notification about Friday's page is late! Read it here:
And a new page is up!!
Hey guys! I'm here to tell you you can purchase some Lost Nightmare prints here
Yes, I will! Since people said it was more convenient for them this way~
February 27th, 2015
New Lost Nightmare page is up on

It updates every Friday!
Lost Nightmare has officially joined Hiveworks!! All updates will be over here now

Do you want me to announce updates here and lead you to the main site?
I wish my lovely readers a very happy New Year!
May all your wishes come true!
Lost Nightmare will soon get its own homepage! Yay!
December 16th, 2014
Ink knows exactly where he's going! Totally!

Please note that I really try to avoid the 'talking to oneself' phenomenon. Is that good or is something missing? What do you guys think?
December 10th, 2014
I noticed I often start with some boring mood pages. Sorry! Bear with me a little.
Chapter 4 is finally starting! I'll try to resume weekly updates. Hope you'll enjoy this one.
@plutobro: university student! XD I study animation which eats up a lot of my time :/ Thank you <3
Happy Halloween, everyone!
Hope you're having a great day :>
Next chapter will be delayed a bit because of school but I'll be back soon!!
Cut! That's that for chapter 3. Hope you liked it?
le gasp?