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I like.. to read manga, read comics on SJ,make comics, listen to music,and play french horn and trumpet. And grilled cheese =D

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February 8th, 2011
I highly suggest that you try the game style :P
December 12th, 2010
THANK YOU for not being cliché. So tired of people doing that XD You rock.
October 7th, 2010
Loving Amy's expression there XD
October 7th, 2010
Her face looks a tad squashed in the last panel, but other than that, cute page ;D
I think he needs a T-shirt. ;D

...Maybe some pants too.
He looks so cute in the third panel ;3
Long time no see ;o
Ahaha frying pan! Love it! XD

EDIT: Just realized his shirt. Oh my O_O
Never thought he was the adventurous type. Boy, was I wrong XD Even he has changed a lot since the beginning ;o
I love how warm this cover makes me feel. Definitely the yellows and the oranges. They are beautiful ;D
August 13th, 2010
"Do you like zebras?"
Liking your new avatar. Is it just me, or is that a trenton_dawn version of Medli? ;o
I like his thinking face =D
July 12th, 2010
I like the heart on the curtain in the last panel <3
July 8th, 2010
Poofy looks kind of annoyed.. probably because he got excluded :X
I love the heart on his belt =D.
She kinda reminds me of Yotsuba X3. So cute
I love how nobody ever notices her go to the manor. XD. Oh... :x Anyways, I hope that your back recovers =]
The snail is so cute!