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Well for starter's I'm your average teenage nerd who'll probably end-up dead in some sewer at one time or another. Well in between now and then, it seems that I like to take naps, watch shows from the 50's and 70's (Fudge the 60s), and draw. Seriously, I love crayons.

PS. Please bear with me. I am a fudging noob so if I do something wrong than please [ PLEASE] correct me . Thanks.
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are they sparkling? Or is it just me. Great page as always btw~
this page made me giggle xD thankyou. and good work~
woa is that an a misfits reference? awesome xD
what if he had winked when he said that ;D
"and your hair is pretty*STOP*

ha i'm also sick. except on my coffee table there's a roll of TP, not a tissue box.
I'm sorry I trying to fix it but it's not wooorking. I can post it up for you if you want and then you can add the author comment in or something tho.
yeah i fixed that, sorry... and i can't wait to see him or her, or maybe its a both [ idk im just ramblin now]
lol. a month of fasting is also hell. im so glad's that that's over...
September 10th, 2010
no matter how many times I read what the teacher says I don't get what she's saying >.>
wow. I'm reading Romeo and Juliet in class too. My english teacher asked us who we would cast for Romeo and Juliet. It came out to either Michael Cera and Helen Paige or Zac Efron and Justin Beiber
No problem. and I can't argue with that word.. " Adorkable" XD
Omfg. Dragon Age Origins XD
Huzzah 100 pages. Congrats.And Alistair is such a dork. Zevran is far more epic. In his tunic thing.
XD go ahead. that sucks i really do hope you get better soon .
So is this collab dead or alive? Either way I'm posting.

Sorry bout the sketchiness.
haha Petunia. I used that as an alias once. no wait thas Plumeria... anyways i wonder what she'll name it :D.
Ahahaha footie pajamas XD The bulbasuar resembles Matt way too much
yeah I think this way is easier to understand. As for toning, both ways look good >.>
Get into the uniform. If there is a uniform >.> If not just get your stuff[backpack] and head to the kitchen to get some cereal~