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That anchor will hurt, guarenteed. :P
Wow, even Marine can annoy Ashura. That takes real skill right there. XD
I wonder what Luigi got in store for everybody? :o

And Bass just watching everything from behind the bushes. ^^
I have not read this comic in a long while; and it is great to know that it is as great as it always was and still is!
I think a red nose for Dr. Light suits him perfectly.
If I were Eggman right now, I`d find a way to dismantle Dr. Weil`s cone head from his body.
Even when bitter with each, they can still find some common ground. LOL
Hmmm... I wonder what happens next (as if I don`t know).
Thank goodness Megaman hit Shadow finally! Shadow has just been an ass lately.
I couldn`t help but notice, was Navi flustered over Link`s body when he was changing into the red tunic?
Even captured, Tails could still get a laugh.
I would not want to be Tails right now.
Wow... So much for escaping.
Awww! I really wanted Chaos to smack Knuckles around!
More extremely painful backshots! Again!
Pac-man does make a good point though. Shadow can use his awesome Chaos Control while Snake is left with a dusty, old, ragged, junky cardboard box.
That was the most awesome thing I`ve seen Luigi do this round so far! :)
√óbrain crash and then explosion√ó
Okay at least someone regained his senses, but I`m still at a loss.
I am so lost and confused right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!