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They could always give the excuse that joa has a Photosensitivity the more involved he gets with the people in Dylan's life.
rand (Guest) is right. in the last panel he's missing his lip ring
*jumps around happily* yay this made my day. I soooo needed this!!!
ha ha Apple why are you so cute?
omg joa your just too damn adorable! >,<
This was worth the wait <3
congrats on your thesis btw.
the last panel made me think of horses. Like the pony fruit-loop being lead by the lead butt. idk fffff maybe its time to sleep. Xp
Fleance likes to Walt on in and own it.
wow that sucks, hope everything works out man. great pages. they don't have shinnies in elven lands?
@senor_pena: O,O damn, you scared me off the booty.
yes the worst of it is running out of your fix. Nine's so cute in the top panels with his canines showing.
in aw of the pretty cover
yay congrats! your awesome!
No Dylan, that jacket can't protect you from his luuuuv!!
That finger biting is adorable.
@Nox Crow: XD you always leave the best comments!! lol
I can't see without my glasses!
Let the hunt begin!!
@CatGirlPrime: ha! be comment ever.XD