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*jumps around happily* yay this made my day. I soooo needed this!!!
ha ha Apple why are you so cute?
the last panel made me think of horses. Like the pony fruit-loop being lead by the lead butt. idk fffff maybe its time to sleep. Xp
Fleance likes to Walt on in and own it.
wow that sucks, hope everything works out man. great pages. they don't have shinnies in elven lands?
@senor_pena: O,O damn, you scared me off the booty.
yes the worst of it is running out of your fix. Nine's so cute in the top panels with his canines showing.
in aw of the pretty cover
ok i know what some of you guys are saying is right. but coooome ooon this is a comic. and a funny one to boot. all i can see are all the hilarious shenanigans the twins will have in store for the poor boy. XD
pffft- to the last two panels. and hope with whatever your going through gets better.
haa lucas's disguise looks so bada**, but inside he's still the lil scardy kid. pfft apple is happy/chill as always. luv it.
:0 apple makes a cute girl tree
just use you powers and search *for* a lot of people.
i'm so curious as to how he ended up living among humans, also he seems to keep forgetting he's not one of them. love your comic :3
rollin, rollin,rollin ^,^
:3 heh yes feel bad for what you could have done.
yay update:) this page was worth the wait, looks awesome!
some ppl are mentioning an old version? is there anyway to see this?