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woot! art! and cookies!.
so.. ok ur looking at my profile in know it any the most interesting but im happy with it.
u sure u wanna keep lookign at this sh*t?

who am i?
im Alex also known as Angel and oi u.
im 17
and a single mother. life is hard but it could esaly be worse. hope u like my art. and im thinking of doing a comic bought my life what do ppl think?
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wow i finally updated =P
extra please =P
i love ur comic tis awsome and adorable and funny
looks promising.. fav!!
ok im gunna have to fave ya
love this comic =P u still looking for authors?
lmfao this is brilliant sorry to say i liked the first two books and i still very much enjoy this
ok i love this comic please dont stop i just read it all in like under an hour then started it again cus i ddint want it to end its so messed up that it wrocks please carrie on
can anyone see the three watchers?
wow love it!!!
she just so dosnt look amused!! may i be aloud to print this off as a poster?
should i colour him in?
first characture to be displayed
Name; Kinirithitat / ratty (due to small size and flat coat tail)
Ranking/job/craft; he is a three slash runner (second highest rank in runners).
Race; small Jackal-coyote cross.
Hight; 5ft 5
Weapons; Spear, dagger and sling
Fur/Skin; grey/sandy
Markings; N/A
Age; 32
Gender; Male

Story; has a wife and children one of the best runners and information gatherer. very fast runner and good with accents and some languages.
please this is essential to read so please do =P
i know his upper body is to big.. pitty