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If your reading this, then you dont know me...if you dont know me there is ONE thing you should know about me...i dont talk to dont read this at all...
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@Ultimate the Hedgehog: No...this things like a billion years old.
As i promised
a close up
ill post another close up soon
sorry forgot again
Hey this is lecraes bro
this isnt lecraeman this is his brother first im applying for another spriter page for really good spriters this is one of the sprites im submitting this to them hope you like it and hope they liek it cause i like it
hey how do i join skypirates
i want to join can i join and do i apply
his had is ttttoooo small and it looks a little flat
Not the best I know. However, I am using this in a comic and its completely based around him. Hence why the nasty gradient and gross watermark(so no one rips it, although I doubt they would want to). The comic is in progress. Did I do an OK job of converting these? Also I know the last few are tough to see...thats also because of the Gradient.

BTW, Earlier posts by me were from my brother. Just check the description to see if its mine or his. This one is mine.
I think it kinda is...
I am still here though...although my little brother actually posted this.
How should my little brother go about fixing that?
sorry for the mouse thing
this is a up close screenshot
As I promised
a close up on starblast
sorry ill post a close up in a min
read title
This Is Lecraemans bro just thought i would post this sprite tell me what you think took me 4 days :) hope you like. Also his name is starblast as long as nova approves of it
Hey nova
Hey this isnt lecraeman this is his brother i was gonna make my own acount i was wonderin if you'd add me starburst wanna know something funn i was ognna my tails guy starblast but i wont if you dont want me to thanks

P.S. Can you tell me if this is total custom or did you use some other sprite to amke it
His name is ruman
Yep I forgot to put his name I'm gonna post all four Ive my new sprites today
I meant this is lecraemans bro lol
this is not leraeman
this is one my sprite and by the way this is lecraemans bro
I guess I just don't fucking understand shading xD then again I can barely even make sprites xD
You should make a few more sprites of's so awesome.