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You Fried MY Brain!!!!!
O.o ok this is just werid... all the electronics in my house end up getting named to tell them apart... my MOBLIE PHONE is called Malachi... >>.<<;;; XD
ummm... what does Tommy mean when he says 'Left-over' Shaving cream?
do i want to know what happened to the rest of it???
....i thought Tommy had red eyes....??
September 12th, 2009
"I'm all sticky now..." *badthoughtsbadthoughts* >.<;;
.....for some reason i have a mental image of Drake lecturing DemonCain possessed!Tommy
Drake: did you really have to possess him? no, no you did not. You're what my people call... Really it'd be so much healthier for you if.... *blahblah* etc etc.
DemonCain possessed!Tommy: *is not amused/bemused can't tell which*
I'm with Samm.
If it turns out to actually be Estrogen. i will laugh so hard. XD
um. can't read 6th panel. the print is too small.....

WOO UPDATE!! *is so happy*
and what nice belly it is! *pats it* :D
El is ~<3.
she's now my fav charactor next to nonscrewed Leth and Moth ^^
*squints* what does bunny's t-shirt say?
*shakes fist at Princess* STOP STEALING MARLIN"S PRINCE!!!!

EDIT: Twice in one day! Comment Virginity!! XD
T.T damnit. no i'm over the age requirement and just won't load....

Edit: come to think of it....anything with "yaoi" in the addy doesn't load anymore.... >.> i smell a curse...
Y!gallery down?
ok...i know the comments are suppost to be about the comic and i really do luff saft and all but i don't know were else to ask this. T.T
has anyone else (who goes on it anyway) not been able to get on to y!gallery? i haven't been able to get on it for the past couple of days and i'm worried T.T
apologises to all who have no idea wat i'm talking about.
February 17th, 2007
sent it ^^
February 17th, 2007
T.T ~<3<3<3
u make me do happppy Kizzy-chan!
*dies of awesomeness overload*

p.s. did u get the link i sent u to my fanart?
January 30th, 2007
salt water is a spermicide.
*everybody stares*
O.o .... i have NO idea were that came from...
anyway XD this page is adorable!
January 28th, 2007
bet it's his sister/female cousin type person. Woot new chara!
*rasies hand* is the lil' merboy based after the diseny version of the lil' mermaid or a veriation of the original mermaid story(the one the mermaid dies)?
January 9th, 2007
*cough* O///O
December 14th, 2006
ok moribund;
cum = sperm
slut = whore
cumslut = sperm whore :D
*washs mouth out* cuz i don't like saying dity words... > . <