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    Not even going to bother. XD
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I'm not sure about the level of Crisis City itself, but I actually like the music they had for it in Sonic Generations. Much better than in Sonic 06, though Silver's boss theme is better imo. lol
Thaaaat's right, I'm up to it again. The eyes were supposed to be triangles, but that is the best I can do without making it look werid. Oh yeah, and credit for the chao sprites goes to Sega, and the rip to the guy mentioned on the page. I would have deleted that, but it's still a work in progress, so yeah... Lol.
Also tried a new Zanglo trainer sprite, twho knows, eh?
I work yet again... I've recently watched this "how to edit sonic sprites video".. and thought it would be good for a start on how to edit sonic sprites better... Tell me what you think. the purple one is the one, the red one I just tried out of random.
Yeah, ever since the whole Megaman Legends 3 incident... The first Megaman game I had ever played was the Megaman legend series... well, Megaman 64, due to it being on the N64 for me.... Freaking Capcom.
Basically more to try and attempt on heads.... I suck at body sprites so far that I know of.. .XD
Dang, I guess I should have seen that boot coming.... Well, I still support this comic all the way! ^^

Although I wonder how long it would be before anyone who wanted to be accepted again would be accepted, cause I was actually working on some sprites really.... but I should have probably at least shown I was active by progress. Oh well.
awesome job on the sprite sheet Baryl. :)
Angel, how's it going man? ^^
Darn Right Tornado Man! theres no beating the wind element! ....Well, in my opinion anyway.
I agree with Pat-Man12, I should update as well..... my time to update is soon enough too... XD
Neeepppptuuunnneeee..... With all seriousness, we'll see what he makes soon enough......
I know it took me long to begin this... (Lazy lazy Jonny578) But NOW it has, feel free to join in...just go by the plot, and maybe a couple of sub plots that can be caused by actions chosen as the story goes along.... Just don't Godmod....I think that besides that....GO NUTS. ^^

Also, Met translation:
Panel 1: Isn't it a great day to be alive.....
Panel 2: What, the heck is that?!
Panels 4 and 5: Yes. (Kinda obvious, but hey, who knows.... XD)
Happy, late to the BIRTHDAYS man! Sad thing is, thunderstorms have been keeping me from being on the internet for the past couple of days. >_<
Oh my god, could it be?! Me....trying to actually edit my Zalkio sprite?! IT MUST BE A NIGHTMARE, WAKE ME U- jk, I thought that I would actually TRY and do something that will probaly take a while to master. ^^; I got my inspirations from youtube, no other. ^^, Please do feel free to tell me about the possibly MANY errors there are with it.
Something I worked on two days ago. C&C please.. ^^
Yeah, I don't know why the load screen continues to show 0% after minutes on dream world...but at least I know what its like....kinda..... ^^;
Amazing character personalities BTW.
Amazing! Angel, my friend, you have done it again.... and by that, I mean completely amazed us with your amazing work. ^^
I got Black version, and also got Victini....Currently trying to capture Virizion before challenging the 8th gym, but its a pain to do... >_<:
Well I'm actually SEARCHING for love still...or at least trying to come up with a plan for the one I love, but she and I are just friends....but yeah. >_<;