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HI! The comics posted here will all most likely be BL/Yaoi because I love the hotness and sweetness that can come with those couples. We hope that you readers can enjoy the characters and stories we develop as well! ~Juli


My Oasis : Something I started in highschool - my first actual webcomic and will probably be on hiatus until I redraw and sort out the rest of the story. :)

Forget the Distance: SomiJuli's first Webcomic together - SISTER POWER! Basic drama and love triangle with a twist of course.

Art of A Fantasy: started off as an all smut story but then characters grew personalities and we had to fabricate more story so apologies if the story jumps a bit in the middle.

R.E.B.L.E.S. : co-author and complete feels if it is ever finished
Somi42 & PrincessJuli
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quick crappy doodle to let you know i'm not dead
Sorry guys...give me a few more days to get back to 100%. This recent cold has kicked my butt. last week....has no excuses... but sunday will be my chance to redeem myself!
March 16th, 2019
Hehehe!! Such a cute reaction!! Glad to see an update on this! Keep up the great work!
I love it!!! So cute! He doesn’t have to hold himself back anymore!
Oh my god!!!! DX I can’t handle this!!!

Kylee looks in bad shape and that’s prbly too out of control to stop from spreading and now kylees stuck inside and we’re unsure if he’sevwn able to move fast enough to get out and I just hope that Kim wakes up or that someone comes and helps save him but then I feel like somehow shit will be put on kylee and bad blood will be created and I just CANNOT DEAL!!!! DX
hehe, don't you know that children can be the most honest and blunt people ever.

don't tease if you're not prepared for the answer Brian! XD
If i had an ability to put emoji's on would be the heart eyes one. XD
Gonna space out these next 3 pages to try and give myself a grace period to finish more pages because, as you can see, it's a little tough to draw right now. :/
Holy shit!! XD I friggin laughed so hard!! You are the best! Your humor is my medicine! XD
This page is life. <3
XD they are ridiculous! I can’t believe they’re sitting like that in school to begin with but now hes making him call out his name?! So funny how over the top they all are.
Love this page!
Idk whether I appreciate him actually thinking with his head instead of his groin. XD haha.
Excited to see what happens next
Lol well someone isn’t an outdoors person. 😅
February 22nd, 2019
So cute!! And I laughed so hard that you wrote in that our boy is thinking the same thing! XD
Can’t wait to see more! Maybe a ride in someone’s new handy dandy truck could be offered..?
February 22nd, 2019
Aw! His eyes seem to pop so much in this page!
Awesome!! So happy for the daily updates!! Thank yyyotooooouuuuuu!!!!
Adorable!!! XD

That friggin reaction is TOO much! XD
XD I’m fucking dying!! Such a cute moment for him but Hiros face is fucking priceless!
Yes! A full page pic of the climax!? Genius! Love it!! Great expression and the angle you took was’re just so good now.
That last panel kills me!!! XD