I really like to write more then anything. I'm not THAT good of an artist, but i do have moments of genius. I mainly write BL because I love the hotness and sweetness that can come with those couples.

<b>Somi=Artist, Juli=Author(Oasis=both).</b>

<b>My Oasis:</b> My first comic!! yayy!! i hope its good!everything about it is in the summary(hopefully).

<b>Forget the Distance:</b> SomiJuli's first Webcomic together(Sister power!) Basic drama and love triangle with a twist of course.

<b>Art of A Fantasy:</b> Juli's excuse for Somi to draw lots and lots of smut. XD It does have a plot line and cute characters.

<b>R.E.B.L.E.S. :>/b> Something that I stumbled upon one day, got EXTREMELY INSPIRED, saw that she was searching for a co-author and we just kinda...kick-started the story again after a looong hiatus. ^.^. Adorable, cute...emotional...story....

Somi42 and PrincessJuli
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@ShinGun: oh, don't worry, I feel the sAme way when I draw these two on the same page...because unrequited love is horrible and I love my Carter baby so much for being such a trooper! >o<
June 18th, 2017
I enjoy learning about this world and the creatures you've created in it. :)
Thr last panel is possibly my cabourite on this page.though the possessed karma comes close. :p
June 18th, 2017

This is too dramatic. I don't know if I can handle them NOT working it out...
June 18th, 2017
Oh dip damn. Coming off the clock.

Can't wait to see how this goes!

Oh, Nd I absolutely loved his bedhair on the last page!!
June 18th, 2017
The page looks great! I love their expressions and the dramatic action lines for affect!
Poor guy IS trying to sort of feelings should come first, especially if you see your friend so happy!
June 18th, 2017
His teary face makes me so sad....
June 18th, 2017
Shit man...all the sweet words he just said fly out the window when his partner not only knows, but is so harsh. :( poor baby won't trust or want to see him again!
June 18th, 2017
Fuuuuuuck man. What a way to learn about his career choice...that look. :l
Fuck yes!!! XD. All the perspective shots you took in this were amazing! And SO hot! That last panel...has got to be my favourite..

Can't wait for more!
June 16th, 2017
Lol! Not act like themselves! That's awesome! XD
It is REALLY great when creaters can make up such cool characters with interesting relationships. Can't wait to see more!
June 16th, 2017
So friggin cute!! His bye bubble is a friggin heart!! And Aiden is adorable! I'm so glad that we get to see both of their thoughts!
Yes!! I can't wait to see how this slowly affect Kimrick!!
Wes is such a nice guy though!
Great job with the perspective shots and the backgrounds and the horse...everytbing has just looked amazing in these last few pages!
Thank Juli for this BRILLIANT line, incorperating the title within the climax of this rocky story! It brings it all together and when we revamped this chapter(a month or 2 ago), her genius brain just took hold of it!

You tell him Max! These two...will get to it, don't worry. Rupert will make sure of it. lol
Sorry it's so late... I managed to do 3 pages in one sitting though!
@Guest: Lol that will definitely do it. XD
Aw! Is he talking about his own actions or hiro's reaction?! I must know! >o<

But kind people are out there..they're just rare. Lol glad it worked out for you!
@llolana: h ahah! I'm glad. Carter is my favourite character out of all OC's created. Jean has his points though.
Hope you continue to enjoy him!
@sstogner1: you're welcome! I- m trying! Lol
But sorry...didn't quite get to AF as I predicted..but it SHOULD be updated tonight!
@boiseboo: lol yes. Though...i didn't quite get to it like I wanted. It SHOULD get done today though!