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HI! The comics posted here will all most likely be BL/Yaoi because I love the hotness and sweetness that can come with those couples. We hope that you readers can enjoy the characters and stories we develop as well! ~Juli


My Oasis : Something I started in highschool - my first actual webcomic and will probably be on hiatus until I redraw and sort out the rest of the story. :)

Forget the Distance: SomiJuli's first Webcomic together - SISTER POWER! Basic drama and love triangle with a twist of course.

Art of A Fantasy: started off as an all smut story but then characters grew personalities and we had to fabricate more story so apologies if the story jumps a bit in the middle.

R.E.B.L.E.S. : co-author and complete feels if it is ever finished
Somi42 & PrincessJuli
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I love this comic and the art so much! You have created this little world that we get to glimpse at once a week! You do a great job setting this country feel with love able characters and I...just can’t wait to see what’s in store!
<3. Such a sweet moment.
So i ended up getting sick and was able to get a couple pages done(which i will space out) and have a little side comic started that i'll hopefully complete soon too.

Thank you all for all the well wishes...It's going to be a rough road, but we're all hoping for the best with her.
Just an update that life is kicking my butt and a dear friend of mine has been in the hospital and will be going through a battle with cancer in the coming weeks and my free time normally gets taken up with going to visit her.
i got one page out and will try to do another soon! bear with me guys!
We can all assume what Carters type is. ;)

But for those of you who were worried, Carter's just frustrated and would NEVER hurt Logan. He even waited until he was in the other room to have his little burst of anger on the door at the sight of what he could only assume was a hickey.
Kaylyn!! We didn't completely forget about you!


...not completely. lol
August 10th, 2019
A little advice
To be honest, if you are going to try to go around and give what is called "constructive criticism", I highly suggest that you do not use the word "trash" to describe someones art work. Find a different word because that term is very disheartening and will crush someone's feeling of accomplishment for finishing a piece of art and make them feel like it is worthless.
I know that i drew this over 5 years ago and I don't personally give a crap now, but please be wary of how you say things because even if you precede it with "I don't mean to hurt you", that word trash just trumps anything and everything, and diminishes the art AND the artists value to nothing.
It would be like me telling you that your English is trash.
It's hurtful.

But on another note, thank you for all of your comments on the later pages and i'm glad you enjoyed the story. :)
Yyyeeeessssss!!!!! 😆 I love love love it!!!
July 21st, 2019
Oh goodness! I can’t wait to see what was done now as payback!
Nnnnooooo!!!! How can I be all caught up!?!? He looks horrendous and you did a great job of all this action and stuff! Such a. Crazy story but I’m enjoying seeing how every character is growing in their own way and then learning about back stories is interesting too.
I can’t wait for more!
July 20th, 2019
Ooooo! Interesting! I like how clean the pages have gotten and how you e established your style. I like how Engel is the only real colored person because it sort of empasizes his beauty.
July 20th, 2019
Perfect character building!!!! Love it!
July 20th, 2019
I’ve been wanting to read through this and finally have the chance! I like your art style and the look of this main guy....could definitely kill. O_O
Ooohhhh mmmmyyyyy gggggooooodddddd!!!!!!

DX I am dying right now because I love this so much!!!!
; _ ; Stop torturing my baby LOgan!!!

i mean...we all know it's a pre-existing bruise with a hickey...but Carter's sanity is not intact right now.
Sorry!!! Birthday Celebrations kept me busy but i completed my double update! i'll try to get other pages done during my down time this week! The man closes every night this week so i'll A LOT of free time this week to hopefully get a bunch done!
Yay!! It’s cute! I love his face in the first panel and the hand in the second! And his outfit in the last one! XD I just love it all! Lol
Yay!!! He’s listening!!! :) whether he believes him is another story...but yay! He’s gotta give the boy credit for being so passionate about his story that he’s hacking up a lung to do it!
hehe. oh teenage hormones. XD

(Brian doesn't see this nasty glare btw)