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HI! The comics posted here will all most likely be BL/Yaoi because I love the hotness and sweetness that can come with those couples. We hope that you readers can enjoy the characters and stories we develop as well! ~Juli


My Oasis : Something I started in highschool - my first actual webcomic and will probably be on hiatus until I redraw and sort out the rest of the story. :)

Forget the Distance: SomiJuli's first Webcomic together - SISTER POWER! Basic drama and love triangle with a twist of course.

Art of A Fantasy: started off as an all smut story but then characters grew personalities and we had to fabricate more story so apologies if the story jumps a bit in the middle.

R.E.B.L.E.S. : co-author and complete feels if it is ever finished
Somi42 & PrincessJuli
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* flailing wildly

Too cute!! Great job with everything too! I’ve gotta tell you that I definitely enjoy drawing sex scenes because I DON’T have to deal with drawing clothes! XD
I fucking love it!! >.< the light touches(the hands look beautiful btw), the cute childish bonding! Gah! So good!
Trying to play it cool huh? Just show some concern for the poor bruised up kid! XD
But this is great, can’t wait for more!
Yay!! Glad you’re doing better! Take your time! :)
They look amazing and I enjoy watching these two interact! Poor Evan can’t even lie successfully and when he’s honest, it’s surprising to the other party! I love it!
my style finally started evening out by this page.

hope your all had a good st. patty's day! No green beer for me! just some good hard ciders. ;)
poor Brian! definitely distracting him from the current situation of having a horny 18 year old n your bedroom. >.<
Holy moly!!

Sorry for the big delay guys! i really have no excuse....other than being lazy/spending time with friends and family. >.<

But here's a 3 page update for you! they took FOREVER because it's been so long and i'm a little rusty. lol

....and please don't mind if people look funny on this first page, it DOES get better and more consistent. XD
March 13th, 2018
Lol so cute! Trying to act all cool! I love it! Can’t wait to see what happens next!
March 13th, 2018
Aw! These two are so cute!
2 pillows!? XD
Hahaha!! You guess? Boy, you better be treated like a prince this day!
Oh my god!!! The baby!!! >.< you better comfort him at least a little! Show him some concern!
March 6th, 2018
Ooooo! I wonder how long it’s been since that has happened! Can’t wait to see more of these two!
March 6th, 2018
Soooooooo awkward!
I had to work this saturday and this thing was already halfway this might be the weekend update until i can get to more pages early next week(hopefully).

sorry guys. :(

but enjoy the cuteness!!
XD sparkly and everything! He’s going all out on the attempt at sexiness! >.<
Oh my!! His after sexy glow and lovey dovey blush are just too much!! XD

Straight to the head
Yyeeeeeesssss!!! Realize what a “pro” you are and how fit you two are for each other! (Great. Paneling and shots btw!)