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I really like to write more then anything. I'm not THAT good of an artist, but i do have moments of genius. I mainly write BL because I love the hotness and sweetness that can come with those couples.

<b>Somi=Artist, Juli=Author(Oasis=both).</b>

<b>My Oasis:</b> My first comic!! yayy!! i hope its good!everything about it is in the summary(hopefully).

<b>Forget the Distance:</b> SomiJuli's first Webcomic together(Sister power!) Basic drama and love triangle with a twist of course.

<b>Art of A Fantasy:</b> Juli's excuse for Somi to draw lots and lots of smut. XD It does have a plot line and cute characters.

<b>R.E.B.L.E.S. :>/b> Something that I stumbled upon one day, got EXTREMELY INSPIRED, saw that she was searching for a co-author and we just kinda...kick-started the story again after a looong hiatus. ^.^. Adorable, cute...emotional...story....

Somi42 and PrincessJuli
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I just love freckles so this is my new fave character. Hahaha
Hmmmmmmm. Finally thinking about "it" now huh? Well I cannot wait for some sweet action. ;)
Well shit. O_O that was amazing. He likes making decisions in the spur of the moment I see.

And I like. ;)
Bwahahahahha!!! XD

Friggin fist pump while getting fingered! It's to much!! XD
But i like his attitude! Can't wait to see how this goes!
Oh my! Is that the way Kennedy went? That looks...dangerous.
Great job on the backgrounds too btw! I love the snowy environment!
I knew it!! >o<
I fucking knew it and hoped I had guessed right! Amazing job on the dramatic shot! He looks badass!
God, I love this comic!!
@oezi1972: I do too!!
@sstogner1: XD yes!! Yes he will!
@Quadrant: ohhhhhhhh yeah he will be.
@amanduur: XD you're the same age as me! 25! Hehe
@Travelingpooch: lol it's already been drawn out, but that's definitely a cute situation!
No! This scene looks great! If you compare, you've definitely already improved and the shots you use on this page alone are terrific! I love them all! This is now one of my favourite pages!
I knew he'd think of him, but it's surprising to see his surprise. :) how will things go from here? Now that Aiden knows he's completely taken by him?
Bwahahahah!! I knew this hot moment would have to have some of your special comedic flare! I'm dying!! XD
I always love Hiros expressions!

And your age?? Idk...I feel like you've got to be around 20....
@sstogner1: hahahaha!!!! Yes! Nice and slippery ;)
@Travelingpooch: XD ha hahahah! Well I'm trying to get better! Gonna try to space out my updates so there isn't such a big gap in time in case I can't get to drawing one week.
@R.O.-bot: HAHAHAHAAH!! Binge read huh? Glad you enjoyed!
In Brian's clothes!!! >.<
Everyone loves a home cooked meal!

I think Logan ha;f-expected him to just kick him out to go home for food. XD
It's just another guy bod! Jeez!
I'm trying to get back to it guys! thanks for your kind words, always! They fuel me!! >o<

next page will come out Thrusday, just in case i fuck up and don't get back to these guys til next sunday or monday...
@Quadrant: lol that would have definitely taught him a little lesson...but Brian's too nice for that. He's annoyed that since confessing, he has heard NOTHING until now so...his suffering probably would've made him feel great! Hahaha
I'm sorry i;m slacking everyone! i will try to draw more this week, i just get caught up in other things going on and keeping my relationship the way it should be so i don't to go through THAT hell ever again....
but anyways, here's one page!! >o< i wish i had the energy to colour so i could show that brian's being basked in light from the patio door that he's facing!