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HI! The comics posted here will all most likely be BL/Yaoi because I love the hotness and sweetness that can come with those couples. We hope that you readers can enjoy the characters and stories we develop as well! ~Juli


My Oasis : Something I started in highschool - my first actual webcomic and will probably be on hiatus until I redraw and sort out the rest of the story. :)

Forget the Distance: SomiJuli's first Webcomic together - SISTER POWER! Basic drama and love triangle with a twist of course.

Art of A Fantasy: started off as an all smut story but then characters grew personalities and we had to fabricate more story so apologies if the story jumps a bit in the middle.

R.E.B.L.E.S. : co-author and complete feels if it is ever finished
Somi42 & PrincessJuli
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Aww! What does he mean by “not again”? Oh, this is so interesting!
Btw, he looks so cute when he blushes!!
no need to be embarrassed Rupee!

though....since Carter doesn't know about Max STILL, it might become awkward.

sorry it's so late guys and if people look weird for a bit as i get used to drawing again! XD it's...been a while. lol
May 18th, 2018
“None” = not a girl

I like the writer tattoo!
How can he know someone out there!? Is it an old flame?? It’s not one of the kids who ran from the cops at the beginning right??
Gah! I can’t wait for more!
Oh my gosh I can’t take much more of this cuteness!!! XD how sweet! At least he’s an honest one!
Great job with the outfits and backgrounds! Especially backgrounds!
May 11th, 2018
Oh no!! Don’t spill he beans!! He’s not ready!!!!!
Your comic is great!
Yes yes yes yes !!! I adore when this updates!!!
Great job on everything and I honestly can’t wait for more pages!
I feel like the noghtmare part might hit him sooner than he thinks...

i'm going to try to get through this epilogue semi-quickly! it starts...i want to say 2 years after the end of the comic(juli can correct me on this).
But Rup's dear brother WILL be in it! I know our other comic FD has been lacking in his appearances so i shall make him come here! XD
May 6th, 2018
I love how being in different bodies has changed their looks! Must’ve been fun to draw!
May 6th, 2018
Aww! Those little eyes look so cute! I can’t wait to see what the demon actually looks like! prbly my favourite page without the two love bugs being together. XD
That angled shot of him talking to his dad is so well done and unique! And...I laughed SO hard!
I thought there’d be a couple stops until the gay train arrived...but this works.!

He makes valid points!
Awww! Poor babe. The gay train is coming for you soon! XD
Aw!! She’s so happy with takashi in her life! XD hahha! I wonder if he realizes he needs to change his tactics.
I honestly half expected her to be hanging around Hiro though.. lol
Yes yes yes!!! Blushing babies are adorable AF!!! I love it! Can’t wait to see more!!
Suspicious indeed. I love his little pouty/ kicked puppy face though! He needs a hug!
The dicks are back!!!
enjoy this guys because i prbly won't be updating this weekend...we'll see...
sorry it's late guys! trying to draw out my anniversary animatic! >.<