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Hello, my name is Carolyn Hickey. I draw comics as a hobby. I enjoy a good story with believable characters, and don't like to classify my comics into a certain genre.

I work full-time (with plenty of overtime as well), so my comics do not update very quickly. But I promise that when they do, they will be my best work I can give you. Please enjoy them~ :)
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    Carolyn Hickey
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Page 26 is here! And so is Louis XVI! I took liberties with the Comte D'Artois' design, but with Louis, I wanted him to look 'right', if that makes sense.

It looks like Édouard is getting noticed, but will all his hard work pay off? I hope so! <-- I act like I don't know, lol XD
Aww how sweet! Glad things are looking up for these two :D
Sorry this page took awhile because I haven't been well (I finally got surgery for a problem that had been plaguing me for most of this year, and also the mental stress to go with it).
This page was also challenging for the details on it, and yes, I did draw all those snowflakes by hand. No copying and pasting here, lol~ It was kinda therapeutic, in a way. I learned a lot.

Thanks for reading and remembering this comic, I appreciate it so much :)
@Livin4thelamb: Both sound great to me! :D
Even Máurine is falling for the Duchesse de Polignac's charms... ^_^

NOTES: Suzanne Curchod, AKA Madame Necker, was the wife of Jacques Necker (Louis XVI's director of finances), and she hosted a renowned salon in Paris. This type of gathering is sort of in-between a social party and a place to have intelligent discussions on topics like art, literature, or current events. Women often hosted and attended them, so it was a way for them to get an informal higher education since in France at the time, they were not yet allowed to attend university.
@Rateus: With the dragon there, he may not have to do anything XD
Quick! Get away while she's distracted!
@Livin4thelamb: Thank you, I'm glad you like it :D
Someone's got a high opinion of herself ^^;
This comic is breathtaking, I love it so <3
The story continues with the Ladies of the Hunt (lol).

I've had the concept sketches of these outfits drawn since 2014, and now they're finally in the comic itself. Better taken forever than never happening at all, I guess XD

Expect an update in maybe a year! <--- I exaggerate, it hasn't been a year since the last page, LOL
This comic is beautifully enchanting, and I love the natural colours. Great work!
I like Amycus' relaxed and slightly amused pose. LOL at the lack of packages comment, I think a lot of artists do that, me included. And all my guys wear breeches so... I dunno XD
Yes, drawing horses is very hard! You're much better than I am :) Nice setup on this page, too!
A character page would be helpful. I can copy and paste the coding from my character page for you if that helps. I uploaded character picture htmls from my photobucket site, but there's probably a better way to do it. It's been so long since I made the page, I'm not even sure how I did it, lol~ And technically, Smackjeeves is supposed to be easier ^^;
Not a nice guy, hope he isn't going to use that sword right now O_O
Just read your whole comic, it's very interesting! Great work! Hope things turn around for Selina soon
@Livin4thelamb: For the first two chapters and approx 20 pages of chapter 3, I drew on Bristol Paper with ink, then scanned, edited and toned on Photoshop. But the last few pages have been going more digital, and I've started using Manga Studio for inking. You can probably tell the difference. I like both ways, but I think digital will save time and the need to buy brushes, pens, ink and paper.

Thank you for your comment :)
Those two are being difficult and need constant babysitting, lol XD I think the blue fire turned out well, the effect looks great!

Re your update schedule: Life comes first, you can only do what you can. Good luck on your interview, and whatever happens will be awesome. Even if you get a page done per month despite being busy, that would be a lot!

PS I would donate if you made a Patreon. Just sayin' ;-)