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Heya! I am a Artist/Writer.

I've been working on Rules of Rose mostly but I have changed to a different kind of story.
I think my art skills are not up to making comics yet so I changed how I did my Stories here. Hope you like.

I will practice my art more <3
Please check out my other Accounts for more Info!

Love, A-Neko


My Tumblr

My Twitter!/ShampooChan13
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    Shampoo Elric
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Exciting to hear!! Must be nervous but feeling good? I remember when you first posted!!
> w<!!! ✨💙
I love this comic and I hope you are doing well!
I want to see more of this story unfold 9o9
Ohh~~ Need more!
Please come back soon >//</)
July 20th, 2017
@EmmaVieceli: They are the best!!! >///w//<
July 19th, 2017
Those grins in the third panel get every time!!
I love how this exchange went <3
Awww.... His so cute >//<
January 13th, 2012

It shots you out like a gun >D
Author Notes
I made it a later release date ;D

I did this the same one as the 1st page.
Will type more soon! <3 Hope you like the Cliff hanger!
Author Update
Only did 2 and a left pages O_O;;; I need to type more!! XD

I hope you like it >//<
December 14th, 2011
I see no Errors! >D

OH OH OH~ Exciting! Can't wait for more <3
The Words Cute Family~!! Popped into my mind >//<
I think I drooled a bit >///<
The Bad Author
Sorrry about the wait......School got me and also other stories and Deviantart HAHHA XD

I will start to type things out now!! I MEAN IT!!
AWWWW!! I want more soooon! >//< I love it when he runs back inside X3
O///O Awkward hand tough X3
I can't wait to see what fancy thing #29 will have X3
November 13th, 2011
@DoubleStroke: Welcomes Its always good to support another fellow artist X3 Sorry for the late reply ~
Artist Note
I felt bad for leaving a note about a week early but I wanted to give you a little preview on where the story will be going next~

Trying to get better from feeling prucky...
Please forgive a messy landscape.

Much Love from A-Neko as she naps ....ZZZZ
Little Message
This is a message saying that I will be in FLA for about a week after the 19th. I will not have my tablet, main compy, or Photoshop so I can't make pages for you guys to drool or read over.

I will be writing all the time on the plot and hopefully get to the end or close to it PTL

I will try to get online so you can still talk to me but Just so you guys know I will be living it up in Warm FLA X3
November 9th, 2011
Tell me about it PTL I hope you break it SOON!

Listen to new music? <3