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He finally said it.
what are you up, Ike?
Men are such pigs. Can't believe he's blackmailing him. Bad Seme!
November 28th, 2007
I didn't know he could do that. That's freaky.
"I do not share your strange tastes!"
One of the best lines ever.
I love this page especially the last panel.
yay, you're back with new fairy tales. Sweet
OH Bo. You're so naive sometimes. You just had to give AK a reason to be more perverted.
Oh AK, I love your "thoughtfulness"
Too cute...(Dies of nosebleed)
How embarassing and yet so funny.
I knew AK would be up to something.
he sure knows how to make an introduction
Bo looks so happy because no matter what he's going to kiss someone. hee hee
Poor Bo, He has to kiss someone either way. Hee hee....AK is uo to something.
the cuteness is too much
I love Andre so much but I'm calling the cops on him for child abuse.
The cover looks freaking awesome.