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Um... Let's see. XD;;

Not quite sure what to write... erm... Well... I'm hispanic (yah! Cuba!). I live in the Magnolia State of the US ~~ <3 I'm a Junior in High School and plan to major in Art in college ~~ <3

Erm... My likes? Piano, drawing, writing, Bleach, Transformers...Vanilla <3

Dislikes? None really. XD ~~ I'm not a hateful person.
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O.o just from the last comic... my number of fans just suddenly BURST up!! We're almost to 200 fans!!! Omg! I'm really excited!!! :D

So, hm.... Time for some reader insight. XD ~~ I was reading over the most recent reader comments, and well... it seems that XxBloodxAlicexX finally pointed out something about Natas! :D Haha, I've been waiting forEVER for someone to notice that Natas is simply Satan spelled backwards. Cookies and a shout out to you! <3

Hm, and another thing ~~ I wanna try and get involved a little more with you, the fans :D So...does anyone have questions they'd like to ask me, the author? Questions about the plot, the story, how I create it, etc.? Anything at all? haha. And I'll answer them in the next update ~~ <3

EDIT: Fixed those lines. o_O They were really wonky looking before and they would have bugged me to no end if I didn't fix it.
Haha. :D Ty everyone. <3 There should be a 'respond' buttons on comments so I can at least respond to you all personally. D:

Still, all of you who have gotten so far and commented, thank you so much!!! :D It means lots, and lots, and lots. <3 More Fishnet will be on the way!
September 10th, 2010
Grudge reference!!! XD haha. The only horror movie that keeps haunting me over and over again.
Important Stuff!
So, there's a few things in the making here. :3

I hope to be able to completely redo and personalize the Fishnet website. 8D Also, in the works is a character page, as well as (you ready for this?) a Fishnet anime opening. :3 Don't expect anything too spectacular from me though. XD I'm very much an amateur at Flash, but I still have fun doing it.

And of course, I hope you all know by now that I'm slowly redoing all Fishnet pages to match the last few. 83

I put up an important news post, so I'd like it if you all took a look at it. :D Please and thank you?
Today, I took a look at the very first page of Fishnet. And I've realized just how far I've come since my days on Photoshop, trying to figure out how to make tones. Now, things looks so much cleaner, and Fishnet has taken a life of its own, so it seems. It's a story that I practically consider my child now. :D

I'm proud of just how many steps I've taken, and happy about all the people who have taken these steps with me in discovering not only Chou's, but Hell's story as well. :3

Thank you for taking this ride with me! I can definitely promise Fishnet will keep growing and developing as I continue to tell its story.
I'm trying out a new inking technique. O: I really like how it turns out. Feels more like an actual manga page to me. :3 What do you think, compared to the original style?
I'm back!
So, after my summer long break (after vacationing in Florida, cruising in the Caribbean, and having a great time), I've finally returned. 83 Fishnet is back, ladies and gentleman!! And it's better than ever.

Comment if you missed me! ;D lol
83 I just got Manga Studio!! This is the first page I did with the software. <3 It was quite fun. :3 So many pretty, pretty tones and backgrounds, and word bubbles! I very much enjoy it. 8D Yay ~ !

Gah. >_< I forgot to tone in her top. figures.....I'll go back one of these days and fix that.
Look away little kiddies!!!
Credit to the art piece in the background goes to a good friend of mine, called Nyssa. :3

You can check out her work at
December 17th, 2009
OMG! O_O I've reached 200 pages! YAY!
November 19th, 2009
Look! It's an update!
Well, my muse has returned to help me with Fishnet, again. XD we go, again. 1-2-3! 8D

FYI, for future reference - Fishnet will NEVER die. I'm committed to it that much...they're may be an absence of updates for a certain period of time, but I will alwyas get around to updating it at some point in time, so always check back! :D
As I post this up, I have horrible, horrible hiccups. ;~; be glad I love you guys, my fans. lol.
Gasp ~ D8 Dirty magazines! Turn your heads away, children!
Hm... I wanna draw more Katsu. XD Srsly. This is hot. lol.
I'm ba~ack.... >D
ZOMG! 2 Pages today!! D8
Gasp.. XD I'm on a roll. lol...
Hell O_O
o__o; This page...was complete HELL to work on... I had NO idea had to go about it.... sigh.... But, hopefully, this is good enough. o.o; And yes, this is back down in Hell.