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Hello, stranger~

I'm a writer and artist who happens to adore yaoi - but not the type with a cliche top and bottom. No, no, no. Just check out my collaborative webcomic 'Price of Seduction' - the first of many projects with my goddess, Melanthazuri.

She is the art master behind the comic but I do have my own little spot where you can find my works: Expect a fiction link soon(ish).

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For your coloring style you are using for the comic (the way you shade and whatnot) I think the addition of some color is very suiting. Black and white works best with a more cel-shaded traditional manga style, in my opinion, instead of the beautiful, soft shading you've been doing so far. :)
D: I hope there's no punching. What a sweet kiss. Melt, Haru, melt!
Wow, thanks so much for so many pages! They were very emotional and enjoyable. Great work! Take care of yourself and we'll see ya soon! 8D
Stunning work. So glad this hasn't been abandoned. What a treat - thank you for updating.
Whoa D:
And the plot thickens like crazy, though, I do hope that guy is hot. Hot bastards are amazing, and his evil dark profile has amazing potential. XD And so glad to hear you're having fun! It's been a while since I commented. >_< Shame on me! And, and, is his poor uncle revivable?? Is that even a word? XD Yeah, no, didn't think so. *sigh* haha
I hope you had an awesome rest! So excited to find out what new ideas are in store! I'll be waiting on the edge of my seat! <3
Rawkin'. No shame FTW.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but... all sources point to David being BOTTOM. Whether he likes that at all or not. XD
This picture is as strangely sexy as it is adorable. <3 Sad to know it will be on a bit of a hiatus, but I know you can't force the right kind of inspiration. I will be waiting eagerly for more! Thank you for leaving us with such a delicious image in the mean time. >3
Man, I gotta say, I just ADORE how you draw hair, eyes, all those beautiful shapes you use. There's such a fantasy feel of it - you can really lose yourself in these gorgeous, meaningful worlds you have created. You have a wonderful mind and I'm so glad you share it. All your extras in the comments are such a sweet extra - it always feels like a little gift! <3
January 17th, 2010
Ah man that is incredibly cute. Really love the expressions on this page, and the last 2 panels made me smile. Perfect. X3 Heh, comment virginity taken - check.
GAH I've been so excited for this but it doesn't seem to be working for me... Bollocks! Anyhoo, happy holidays to you! Keep up the great work. <3

Edit: Thank god it worked for my roomie. VERY sweet and adorable. Made me smile and laugh. What a lovely xmas present. We fans are very spoiled by you. XD
GOLD STAR. Goddamn I'm always looking for new music and this is right up my alley. Thank you for a great comic and GREAT MUSIC. XD