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Four King Hell
This account is abandoned in favour of a better name. It will probably be deleted shortly as soon as all the kinks are ironed out.

New username: Dr. Frizzy
Mealchan, from your comment I'm going to assume you yourself are not homosexual, so please don't use the term "lesbo".
And as for implying that Makoto had some level of feelings for Haruka... I'm not insinuating anything more than the Anime canon did. |:
TheGreyHatter: A 'substitute' is kept inside the Pokeball, supported by the Hive Diglett in order to gather more information about humans. Essentially, catching a Diglett is like acquiring a worm virus.
Sailor Moon! How could you forget that marvellous episode?
Actually, Setsuna came to ask if Chibi-Usa was in their time. She wasn't certain. She said "Be careful if you do see her", but a few days have passed and none of them had heard from her, so they just kind of assumed that Chibi-Usa wasn't in their century and was hiding out somewhere else.
Now that Helios is here, though, they may have to re-think that decision.
Naw, I was thinking I'd just never write another page of 4KH ever, leaving you to sit and eternally think, "Why? Why!?".
It's a Poliwrath swimming freestyle.
Mugoi; don't feel bad, I don't even know how to tell the time with an analogue clock. So I was sitting, petrified that people would be like, "What is wrong with you the clock says 4:15".
"Usako" is a nickname that Mamoru gives Usagi. It's just a cutesy, more feminine wway of saying "Usagi". They're both correct.
check the alt. text for the answers
Well, that's Cinnabar Island in the background there. Remind you of anything?

If not maybe you just need to go back and play RBG more.
Well, as far as plot revelations in 4KH go, this is kind of a big one?
I am glad you are telling me this
Roses Ablaze - Colour...? There shouldn't be any...
Dragonicsoul - Yes, that was the joke I was trying to make.
Wrong cigars, also.
Actually, I'm sitting here doing the same thing I did last time everyone thought it was Chibi-Usa - "What? Oh shit! Contextually, it really looks like it's going to be Chibi-Usa! I'M BONED!".
Sorry to hear that.
Almost makes me wish I'd written something worthwhile there.
They must be hiding, which makes them creepier.
How many comics do you expect an archive to have after existing for less than one day?