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Hi there! I'm renpao, an incoming college freshman student at University of the Pacific (CA). As I am majoring in Studio/Visual Art (BFA), I would like to improve my horrible art skill and apply everything I would learn in college in the near future. This is why I decided to start on Lucky Thirteen. Hopefully, I would be able to finish it someday.

If you have anything you want to ask about my manga, feel free to comment on the pages or PM me. I would be more than happy to reply to all of them. :)

- - - - -

It may seem like I am all shoujo, but in truth, I enjoy shounen and mystery/horror/survival type of stories (or games) the most. Stories that make you think and solve things. :D This is why I love Meitantei Conan, Gyakuten Saiban, and Resident Evil (game only). :)

Aya Nakahara, Takashi Hashiguchi, Tetsuya Nomura, Akira Amano, Hoshino Katsura (her old style), and Arina Tanemura (coloring/panelling)

Lucky Thirteen - on-going
Crossroads - TBA (might change the title)
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September 19th, 2009
LOOOOOOOL. I love how Skye's so emotionless when he asks "why is he crying"! XD;;

And the Camilo in Bailey's imagination is so epic it beats Zombie Stabbers. XD;;;
September 19th, 2009
Awww! I like how they're all hanging out together. If there's one thing about 123S is that you can easily relate to their situations because it's just realistic. Truly a good slice-of-life manga~ <3

And lol, this might sound random, but I truly love the idea of June straightening her hair and stuff. You broke the standard characters-not-changing-how-they-look-till-the-end norm, and that's awesome. XD;;;

Oh, I love Chloe's expression! You know, thanks to your rec, whenever I watch that show, I kept thinking about Chloe and co. XD;;;
September 19th, 2009
Ooooooooooooh. I see! Now I know Jack's motive for killing. 8D

You really make interesting characters~! I mean, the doctor here is really mysterious. If Jack - oh, gosh, JACK - is scared of him, then that must mean he's formidable. o___o
September 19th, 2009
P!K >> I know. ;__; I mean, I enjoy college because of its open discussion nature, but the amount of work I have to do is not something I totally happy about. *cries* But thank you so much for the patience! ;__;

.mochii >>o___o Thank you so much...!! You're far too nice to say such thing. ;^;

BrightLights >> Aww, really? I've never had a job like that so I can't really talk from experience. XD;;
Thank you~! <3

Koori-chan >> Haha, thank you...!! I'm glad you like it. XD;; And... O/////o!! Gosh, I'm so touched. ;___; It makes me feel happy knowing that I've inspired someone (but how, though? XD). Really. ;O;
And I'm so jealous...!! I wanted to go to the convention sa Pinas! ;__; Are they good?

WalkedAway >> Aww, thank you so much...!! >///< Yes, it's the third panel. XD;; And you're too nice to say that! ;___;
And thanks for liking my coloring style. ;__; I just enjoy playing around with Color Balance in Photoshop, that's all. <3


gigi >> Wow, thank you so much! ;___; I'm glad you liked it. I hope you enjoy reading it till the end. >_<;;

Zartheleos. >> Thank you so much! ;__;

keystroke >> O______o
Oh, gosh, thank you so much! ;____; I honestly believe that I'm far from one, but it makes me happy inside that someone thinks that way. ;O;

baeduxai >> Thanks! :)

BakaMonMon >> Thank you! :D

MiroRio >> Thanks! I'm glad to hear that you liked both Peepays. XD;;
Thanks for saying that! I don't have confidence in my coloring/drawing skills, so hearing that from someone makes me happy. ;__;
And aww, thank you for thinking that! To be honest, I kept losing fans instead of gaining and just gaining them. ^^;; It was really disheartening at first, but then I remembered that this manga is originally made for myself, so I understand if people are bothered by the generic storyline/characters and the uber slow updates. :) And besides, I have you guys~! XD I think that's more than enough for me. C:

gizumimipichu >> Thank you! I'm glad you think that she's cute because I fail at making things cute. XD;;

NanaYuki >> Aww, thank you so much...! ;___;

Frere >> Thank you! I hope you enjoy reading L13, despite its uber slow updates. >_<;;
September 19th, 2009
I'll probably draw that pesticide ad poster someday. Lol.

I'm so sorry for the large chunk of text...!! I fail at making things concise as always. ;;;;

Sorry for the uber slow updates. OTL;;;
Thank you for the 160+ fans...!!
Just a really quick sketch of Peepay. This is what she looked like before Cyril changed her face. XD

Aahlfdhalhda;had;lhkds Next page will probably be uploaded later at night. Or tomorrow. Let's just hope Dad would finish using the scanner soon. ;___;

I would reply to all the previous comments on the next page, promise.
Oh my gosh.

This update seriously almost made me cry. FOR REAL. ;___;

Glad to hear you're back~!
September 7th, 2009
I honestly find it nice (and heartwhelming) how Jack truly shows that he cares about Reilly in his own way. :D

And my curiosity continues to be piqued with how robotic they talk. >_<;; I'm so anxious to find out what this group is~!

On the other hand: I kinda think Reilly looks cute/funny in the second to last panel. I don't why. XD;;;
September 7th, 2009
Now I'm curious about the Cavellos...but guessing from how Italian-y the name sounds, I'm somewhat guessing it's mafia or mafia-related group. XD (You! Your comics always make me excited with all these secrets! XD;;)
LOL! Now I wish the games would implement "glare" as one of the options...perhaps it's more useful (and natural!) than using Repel repeatedly. XD;;;

"Strange kids". LOL. Your face, Atticus. XD;;
Wow, look at all the details you put in here. *__* You make Pokemon look so sophisticated with your style, it's really amazing. XD
September 7th, 2009
Woo, a confrontation! I love both of their expressions, especially Jack's. Gosh, you have no idea how much I swooned when I saw his face. XD;; Times like this I forget that he's a psychopath. XD;;;

I feel bad for Reilly. She always gets hurt without meaning to. D: Here's wondering if she's going to don an eyepatch in the next few pages. >D
September 7th, 2009
Seconding what they said. Congrats on the spotlight, Mad! You truly deserve it with your continuous dedication on 123S~! ^___^

And ditto about the makeup thing. XD;;
September 7th, 2009
Pretty! I really think the color green compliments Chloe a lot. :>
September 7th, 2009
You draw really great expressions! I love each and every one of them, honestly. *o*

And thanks for reccing that show! It's old, true, but I find it truly enjoyable!! XD
September 7th, 2009
Oh, gosh! I love how they look in here~! Especially June...her expression is really lovely. *_*

And lol! I love how fast she runs! XD;;;;
September 7th, 2009
@Archie The RedCat Thanks. ;_;

@WalkedAway Sexy legs, indeed! XD;;LOL, Cyril has a different taste. XD;; (And aww, thank you so much for the good luck! I truly need it! ;o; AND THE REC, oh gosh.! I didn't expect you to rec my crappy manga. ;___; Thank you so much~!)

@d.ii Of course! They're so sexy, after all~ >:P

@gizumimipichu LOL! XD;; And that's really great! Was it easy adjusting moving back and forth? :D

@P!K LOL, you're right! XD;;;; The only reason why she's always so dressed up is because she wants those showbiz people to recruit her, haha. XD;;;
And thank you so much! *needs as much luck as she can to survive the first semester*
And really? I'm glad to hear that! I tried to make it easy in the eye. ^_^

@peapod Thank you! I hope you'd enjoy it even more. >_<

@BakaMonMon Thanks! :)

@hiruda WUT HAWT MAMA, INDEED. XD;; Sadly, I couldn't give her a fanservice panty shot like you did. XD;;
I really want to. XD Here's hoping my art courses in college would help me improve someday. XD;; Give me your comic-ing skills, you awesome person you! XD

@nappilyeverafter Thank you. XD

@Kaiya-chii That she is. XD;;

@Koori-chan Thank you! I'm glad you found it funny! XD;;;
And really? Lucky! :D It sucks because I only get there every summer now because I'm already here in US. I heard that there's already a convention at MoA. *__*

@Bowee LOL at "P-Masta Pay"! XD;; That really cracked me up for some reason. XD;;; Thank you so much for the good luck~!

@MiroRio Aww. ;_; Haha, I don't like it either when they get too touchy-feely. XD;; Makes you wonder sometimes. XD;;;
Thank you! Your humor is better! XD

@beedymunch Thank you so much~! I'm happy you like Peepay and also my crappy toning. ;_;

@Natsuki Thanks. ;___;

@Kiyami LOL, yeah! That's why she's sexy, jk. XD;;;
Are you Filipino, too?! If so, then that's cool! :D And you're lucky! I've never been to Boracay but here's hoping I'd get there someday. XD *determined*
September 7th, 2009
Wow, I enjoyed reading this story. ;_; It's so amazingly pro! ;_;
September 7th, 2009
Wow, a new start! I'm glad to see this story is being continued again. :)

I like her costumes! And your toning is good, actually. It's almost like a pro. :)
September 7th, 2009
Anyone interested in seeing what Peepay originally looks like? I'll post it the next time I update. XD

- - - - -

Sorry if there are too much words. x_x I only noticed when I was putting the words in the page. When I was writing the script, it didn't look that much...

I was supposed to post three pages today to make up for last week, but it took me a long time to finish toning (got toning frenzy) this one so I didn't get to tone the other two pages. Sadly, this page stil didn't come out the way I want it. OTL;;;

Also, college is eating up my time so much that even in my break, I only have time to either study or sleep. ;_; I'm a freshman so I'm still trying to adjust, which is why I apologize for not being able to comment/reply/etc. these past few days. *need better time management skills*

On the other hand: thank you so much for 148 fans! I truly appreciate your support from the bottom of my heart. ;o;