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Follow me at youtube :P check the website link.

I haven't been on Smack jeeves ina very long time. Sorry if my humor seems a little wrong or is not funny at all.

I will not hide it, my name is Ziggy. im from a dip out of the way somewhere south of michigan that was origionaly suppposed to be a lake. If you know where I am, good for you.

Im a recolor because I wanna be. I chose Young Link (HUUUUGE credit to Semi Jugallo) because I own with him in SSBM (toon link in SSBB) and blue is my favorite color.

Anything else you wanna know, feel free to ask me. I'll do my best to answer. Feel free ot send me a PM. I wont bite...... hard, but I am quite social.
It says all.
Imune to teh wegee stare? O_o
Sorry about the crappy border.
Okay, no more.
I think I've used that fad a bit to much ^^

*cough* sword it a little hard to see, sorry about that...
Mine's coming up.
Thanks ^^ i feel like an idiot now.
But it's too damn big in size.
eh, gotta show it somewhere

I dunno if anyone else can see it, but it kinda lags O_o
Why the hell not? *sends in author request* Ever spriter starts with a recolor :P

... right? If not, i'm f*cked...
Whoever still reads this, it has been moved to this profile.

Same person.
It's amazing
if you get locked in your closet, you may find a naked fat man O_o
To those that do (I bet you all $20 you dont know who I am) Im making more comics.

Apparently, some one remembers me. I need to stay out of my closet @_@