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yay it's back!! x333 I love this, keep uploading *.*
September 24th, 2009
poor poor guys ;.;
who's screaming? I want to know ><
I like the sory so far =3
I love his hair 8DD I wish mine was like that xD
if they ever get out I think it will be by accident XD poor Camillo
aww now she even looks like a star 8D XDD
September 9th, 2009
omg I read it nonstop =O I love it =3
yes! finally *_____* I missed this ;.;
September 4th, 2009
I don't really know why but I like Kino xD he's my fav 8D
Rosie's plans are the best 8D
ok I'm Jack's umbrella fan xDDD
so far so good xP want more =3
I like Beni XD
Reilly wants to kill Jack =O xD
Jack is awesome x3