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I like pokemon, animals, anime, manga, and reading.
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You have no idea how much I'm loving this.
Gangrel, Nosferatu, possibly a Tremere and other Kindred I can't name off the top of my head.
I am ecstatic I stumbled upon this this, not to mention the art is beautiful! <3
Though if that's not it, I'm still gonna associate it with what I mentioned either way.
After this Louie is my new favorite character. Even if he does act like an asshole.
He just wants to keep Chip safe and doesn't really know how to go about it. ;m;
September 14th, 2013
I like his song choice. :D
Haru is just gonna go up and hug him.
Just watch. eue
November 20th, 2012
Am I the only one here who wanted Kuragi to go through with it? XD
Sure, Sai would have been pissed, but knowing Kuragi, it wouldn't have deterred him in the least.
And Sai's reaction probably would have been funny. >u>

And Kuragi disappeared so quickly! Is he a ninja sent to infiltrate the pirate ranks or something?
YEEEES!! He said it! :D Now Kaidou, blow away those delusions of his that he's a replacement for Ryuuta and make all your readers happy.
Welcome back! :3
And here come the misunderstandings. At least Hiro isn't thinking Taisuke dislikes him or anything like that.
I think that Taisuke will come visit him a lot to protect him from the "bad" archangel, yes? >:)
Why do I get the feeling that Aki is still gonna be stubborn about this and not tell Kaidou how he feels? :( Knowing Aki, it might take a bit more to get it out of him.
But if he does tell him, I'm all for it! :D
Oh no. No no no no no no no. D: Where do you think you're going Aki!? Kaidou and Ryuuta are going to be super worried! You think this is the best option? It's not! 100% the wrong decision!
*shakes Crimson* Please make him turn back, make him turn baaaaaack. TT^TT Or at least have someone stop him!
Aki stop thaaaat. D: It hurts to see you so dejected over something that doesn't exist. ;_;
Kaidou, stop avoiding Aki and get your butt over there to set his head straight. >:I Both of you are being ridiculous. Talk to each other and stop thinking so negatively.
Aki! Don't you dare say that!D:<
Kiadou won't allow it! And neither will I!
I am with the rest of the fans that you should pay no attention to the jerk of a commenter who bashed your work. Your comics are amazing. The storylines keep people hooked and the art is absolutely gorgeous. And you do this on an what I consider a nearly hyperdrive consistency with updating multiple pages a week, for EACH of your three comics.
Pretty much all I would have assured you on that your comic was just fine as it was has been already done by the many fans before me. They did so much better than I would have and so I refer to them all in saying that your comic is nowhere near to what that person said about it.
The little flaws in your work that you yourself criticize make your skills that much greater. It leads to you working to making the comic even better, which ultimately ends with greater exposure of your talents. I will be eagerly awaiting the time you finish your hiatus and show us all the new developments in Fallen!
(I'm kind of awkward with writing out my thoughts properly, so I hope you get the general idea of what I'm trying to say)
I am SO going to do this next time I do some midnight fridge raiding! Awsome comic so far!