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And I thought a 2 hour drive in four lane traffic is bad... We... It's technically bad given my age of 17.
Toon Link
October 6th, 2015
Last I heard, if the quota was met, you just get a bonus and give you holidays off. Cause lets be honest, it's much harder to find and kill those born on holidays!
I had a similar experience at an amusement park. Me and my friends stayed in the water park area and we rode almost all the rides, but getting to the top wore me out... But it was worth it.
There is nothing wrong with being a fluffy marshmallow. I'm genetically one! Besides, there are a lot of bonuses to it. Like keeping you warm and such!
Failures are bound to happen, no matter what, but we learn from them and keep moving forward to reach for the top. Because we're human, and something we do is we never give up.
I get that feeling a lot, sometimes. I'm still just a high school student, I spend most of my Friday nights at the home football games because I'm apart of the band, the school play always takes up a lot of my time, and after school clubs and classes. And not to mention that I wanted to make all that worse with a part time job...
Toon Link
September 22nd, 2014
"You don't understand, Dad! I was poisoned by Kevin!"
Go and recharge your batteries and take as long as you need.
I've been loosing weight and learning to play the Tenor Sax.
@Halloween Arisu: No problem, they're just kinda out of order now.
Page isn't showing
Awwww! I've always loved the Koroks! They are just so ADORABLE!!!
@miizj: Glad to make your day. Pure honesty, I named my Mewtwo Mr. Whiskers in X
I feel like you need to just make a whole comic about Oliver...
In my English class, we do these daily journals where she gives us a topic to write. I suck at those kind of things, but luckily, she's nice enough to let me just say "Fuck it!" and do Free Writes so I can fill up the page. Sometimes it even takes me a few seconds to decide on what to write for it. It doesn't help my writer's block at all though. It just fuels it for a new story all together.
In my own opinion, you never know who you are, unless someone tells you. But even then, what you're told varies from person to person because each person looks at you differently. Do what you want with your life, don't worry about what you're good or bad at because everyone is good at something, even without realizing it, and if you're bad at it, if you work at it, you can get better at it. And you always matter, because there is someone always out there who you matter to.
Did you get lost on your way to the kitchen, too?
Oh... My... God... MILO IS SO CUTE!!!