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There are two of us under the nickname 'DoubleStroke'- Niemti and Gdak.
We draw Codename:Coordination together and that's why some chapters look different.

Still, we hope that you'll like the story!

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    Niemti & Gdak
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hahha, his face! Nothing to add : D
Haha, that's a one crazy team they have got there : D
I am liking it very much!
Hahaha, this crazy mom is awesome!
I can't wait to see what happens next : D
oh no! What happened? D: What has she done?
Oh, more halftones!
You sure about it? ;)))
Anyways, I'm waiting for more! Keep it up!
Woah, this is looking quite promising!
Can you draw faster, please? : D
Hi guys! I am so sorry fot that hiatus!
Unfortunately, I'm having my finals in two weeks, and there is (and has been) a lot of work to be done!
I promise to update again in [u]July![/u]
I hope you are still in there!
Till July and thank you for support! <3

Hideki I did awhile ago!
great to see an update! keep it up : ))
woo, it's getting more and more interesting! run for your life Pan!
It's interesting! I'm waiting for more : )
I think I like 'Aegis' more : )
I adore these sketches! It's great how every character looks different and original!
Keep it up : )
@sekichiku: oh, right! I forgot to translate this part, though it's not really important :)
Kuro says something like :"ohgod it hurts"
This is an old thing but I wanted to let you know that this comic is not dead!
Also a selfpromo - I'd like to invite all of you on my new tumblr:

I'm going to submit a lot of extras and not only!
Enjoy and follow, please :3

I promise to udpate here as soon as possible!
Thank you all for attention!
Hi guys!
I would like to invite all of you to my new tumblr :)
This comic is still going to be updated, don't worry, but on The-Whale-Tale tumblr you may find some extras, sketches and other C:C (and not only!) related pieces done by me!
I hope you will like and follow it! :)
Here is the LINK: the-whale-tale . tumblr . com!

Thank you all for attention!
oh you funny uncle, you XD
I'm so much in love with your comic! Keep updating, please :)
@Susapp: I think it's always good to try something new ;) Anyway, turned out great, you should be proud!
I really liked the story! I hope to see next one soon :)