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I am the banana. No questions asked.
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Same, only I take mine in a few weeks.

Thankfully, though, the next day I show up for about 2 hours then get to leave.
Watching the video, I have one complaint that comes to mind.

Why the fuck don't they just use the water cycle?
That guy's like everyone ever in any MMO.


Ah, Pokemon's most classic strategy.
Find ditto, throw it in day care, BREED.
Daisy - Destroyer of Worlds.
>Murder the unsuspecting guard
December 13th, 2011
>Activate VATS and attack repeatedly
>Activate monocle mode
@CrippleCakes: Now time to get the 2012 Smackjeeves' Award for the WTF Category!
November 29th, 2011
Gotta give Leo some props. He really is set on getting Vas and Sheila together.
@IwillbenapoPRODUCTIONS: It doesn't matter. The webcomic creator has the right to accept or deny any command given to them. If (s)he wants to use swear words and you're offended by it, don't command the author to stop, just stop reading the fucking comic. ;3
>Sprout Wings
>Spontaneously change species
You know, this picture puts me at odds.

For one, it's an awesome picture.
For two, it's for one of the most irritating people I've had to deal with in the entire world, let alone the brony community.

God, I hate Mic.
God that dog is adorable.
Oh fuck yeah, I've missed this comic!
@Celestial_Wolf: I second this notion, as long as there's a pair of nightvision goggles added!

EDIT: @Phoenix of Chaos: You're just being hypocritical now. You may not want to "risk" being hit with a copyright infringement by using ponies, but you directly used Pokemon and Pokemon Sprites directly from the games in the original CFT.
Ze having a Humiliation Conga?

Nah, Ze IS the Conga.
Yeah, he just got shot. Can you believe it?