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"Nobody cares!"


Thanks Mach, I think I'm gonna start saying this everywhere now.
Your comic had a great run!
None of that counts, but you all get cookies for effort :D
@bigpeking- Thanks!

@Zak- Yeah, I need a break, haha. And June 4th
Right, I've used sprites from.. everywhere. :\
@Blue Team
3 comics by 5/22
If you can get 3 done, then you'll probably have it.
Someone should find penne, or Red will just keep losing points until the 15th.
This is my Summer present to you all. Wishing everyone the best vacation possible ;)

Don't spend it all indoors! XD
They're EBIL!
It's a bit strange how puppies keep recurring...! >:l
Starfy was creepy in this one... hmm o.o
Is it... a rock? ._.
Greatest way to combat large enemies. If you've never tried it, you're missing out on a shortcut ;P
Chapter 4 Recap
Confused about why the ritual failed, Starly and Moe went to question the Mayor. He told them that the ritual should have worked, even though Moe didn't die. The only possible reason is that the potion drank by Sancho wasn't the Obroxis. Meanwhile, Starfy appears to be... erm, busy... :\

If you didn't gasp, you have no soul!
The first panel: Something Moe would say, but he was sleeping... don't know.