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Nya there~ My name is koko!
I like shoujo/shounen/BL/Het<33
I dislike GL/Yaoi/Shota XP
Favorites-pandas, kitties, butterflies,cute things ^w^

Im currently in my 3rd year of high school and I want to become a vet tech.~ I have no mangamaking skills so I just sit back and enjoy other peoples' ='D
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I like that you draw your buildings instead of using premade ones ^^b Great job, I look forward to moar =D
YAY! Aaah Im so happy for you! ~COngratscongrats~ I love this picture too.<33
Sssoo wonderful, your pages are great! XD Im really enjoying the story so far. +watch
September 11th, 2009
aww I like the atmoshpere ;;
loool @ pikachu
awww is he ....jealous?
cute style^^~
I-Its just too cute ;_;
*chibi dolls*
I like your style~ Its like a real shoujo manga cover! *loves*
I look forward to some more cutness ^^
it does look official! -stares- Oh please dont let it die XD
Its such a cute story~
The cover drew me in right away! *didnt even look at the summary* But I bet its gonna be cool! fave+ *goes off to read summary now XD*