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The White Blacksmith
I think it scratched by headbutting DT's foot out of the way, so that he scratched himself. In this scenario, "Dig" would translate to "Stop hitting yourself."
Extra backstory: His dad had a long beard. He's trying to live up to his father's name, but he's actually a woman/thinks beards are too scratchy/bought an expensive razor and will get his money's worth come hell or high water.
She's in for a big surprise next time she goes into a museum of natural history then.
"Thadeus Vent. Wanted for murder and being a little tit."
"Belle Vent. Wanted for murdeer and being jailbait."
Now I just wonder how you'll deal with that bike that can hop up cliffs.
Who I think it is
Prepare for trouble...
And make it double
To protect the world from devestation
To unite all peoples within our nation
To denounce the evils of truth and love
To extend our reach to the stars above...
Have you done a pun of someone shouting at the devil yet? Or Steve giving someone Bobby to look after (Trusting them with his Life)?

Also, #834 is still down.
Actually I think it's a thought experiment about the dangers of overpopulation. Not only do we struggle with finding the one person we seek among the useless masses, but in all situations the group could not be sustained by their surroundings.
What's wong?
I don't know. Can anyone tell me what wong is?
Why was she in there with him when he was getting changed in the first place? Did I miss something?
His second eye un-grew!
Yeah, the 'sass' really made it for me. And the tiny, tiny 'kaboom'
Woo! Go Jedward!
When I was young, we were lucky to have a spork. Our utensils only have one purpose!

"Utensils? Pah! When I was young we used our hands!"

"Well, were I lived you were lucky if they didn't cut your hands off for being late to work at the mill!"
My dad has never banned me from joining any cult. Not even one of the really weird ones that believe in that Jesus fellah. I'm not allowed, however, to have a boyfriend.

I think he's got his priorities sorted out.
Must be heartburn. Drink your yakult and stop complaining.
I thought he ate the ship?
He reminds me of Phoenix Wright!
I... cannot remember who they are. But I still love the comic!