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Im a pretty funloving person. I swear though. And I probably know more about... 'questionable' subjects than I should... :D
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Oh boy!
Look! It's Blake's brother, just in time to snatch the emerald.
@aqua the hedgie: Conveniently, you did not swear, see? :3
Sorry guys
School got started. But I love you guys, and it's time to resume updating regularly :3
You guys love me, right?
Hi guys! Um, if it's alright, I would like to make a small request. Me and a couple friends are doing a YouTube series about Slender Man. It's called Nature Paradox. I play a character named Jordan Sammond. Anyways if you guys could watch it, start to end (There's only 18 episodes so far), maybe subscribe, and leave feedback on this comic. Thanks guys! I really appreciate it.

Edit: Forgot the link. Here it is.
Why aren't they ever the welcoming committee? D:
Aqua struggles with a possible fear of the subterranean while Blake struggles with the construction of their world.
Maybe I should've
Drawn him a backpack.
Blake's got a new mission
And it looks like Aqua is accompanying him.
@speedo th: I don't have it. xD
Blake gets the emerald! :D
@sonicballzx: Cant tell if sarcastic or not.
Is the software I use for the final touches and effects.
Yes, Aqua and Speedo, I enjoy the comments on every comic.
And @sonicballzx Lol
Can. Talk.
Comment on the new site.
So it seems that
Robotnik is a good guy now.
Ohh my
Aqua's a scientist :O
The story
It won't always move so fast. I'm just trying to get it going, so...
This is
The first issue. :3
For starters
I got a new image editing program.