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Well, the Smack Jeeves awards are over. The winner for best comedy went to Side Quests, a very deserving comic:

I gotta say though, I'm really happy to have been nominated out of the hundreds of comics out there, and couldn't have gotten it done without everyone's support! Specifically, I'd like to give a shoutout to Granmastern and Robybang for posting me up on the message boards and getting me in the comic spotlight and of course the 2010 awards.

In other news, I'm gearing up to release a podcast with a good buddy. He's 100x more funny than I am, and I get a lot of ideas just by talking to him. One of his quips on our latest recordings went like this:

"Who would vote for Wyclef as the president of Haiti?!"
-"Yeh, he couldn't even keep the Fugees together." Zing!
It's mostly considered racist once it stops being funny...

But on a serious note, I'm glad you brought that up. I was actually trying to tread carefully on the subject because I had to balance not insulting people, being funny and hopefully getting a point across. (J-Mo's comments on the last panel are pretty much how I feel about the subject).

I think we are all aware of the many stereotypes out there. And every person, no matter how hard they try not to has some prejudices. So it's important to acknowledge this instead of pretend it doesn't exist.
Robybang, that'd be interesting... I like the sound of "The dental remix."

I actually don't mind the dentist in Japan... Sure they drag it out over a long period, but it's so cheap compared to America!
I actually went to the dentist a bunch over the past couple weeks. I guess the only downside of having a dental drill with bass is that it might sound more like a chainsaw...
The new season!
Here we are starting off season 2 with comic number 40!

Thanks for all who have supported me and continue to support the comic~ It's been a fun run at it so far and things are looking good for the new season.

For those who haven't voted, please check out the Smack Jeevez 2010 award page, The Awkward Communicator is in the final running for "Best Comedy!" There are plenty of great comics to be discovered, so it's definitely worth a look~
Thanks for the encouragement all~ I'll be back on the scene, I just want to get some comics lined up so I can keep to regular updates if/when work starts piling up.

And The Dude- I didn't even think about that! I'll be sure to ask for some the next time I need a break!
Yeh! I just noticed too~ =D Thanks much for your comment on the spotlight suggestions. Big ups to Robybang as well!
Sorry about the missed update. I've been sick and have a deadline coming up for work... And yeh the comic is actually one I made last year, but never had the chance to run.

I hope to get back on schedule next week!
Still can't believe this is a sport...
I never really sat down to watch the Olympics, so I guess that's why I completely missed this one. There's a sport where you ski and shoot?! Is that something we want people to be training for?!? And what's the summer biathalon like? If you miss the target you have to do a lap jumping over chain link fences and dumpsters?
Actually, those are what the 3D glasses looked like at the theater I went to...
Agh, another late update. I'll probably push the weekly release date to Wednesday or Thursday starting next week... Sorry for the delay!
Thanks for the comment!
It looks like I'll keep the current format for coloring~
Well, as Bill Cosby said: I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.

Hope the next one works for ya.
That is indeed Mr. Edgar Allen. Unfortunately no prize, besides bragging rights. Props!
It's all a myth...
So the inuit words for snow was a misunderstanding that arose when Benjamin Whorf was trying to provide evidence for his Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. I just thought it'd make for a good comic...
Haha, gym memberships? Well, that can at least be useful. But yeh, it is kind of a sucky hint to drop to someone. Kinda like giving a smelly person a bar of soap.

Thanks for the comment Greenbean- Wow, your friend must not like your family...
Sorry for the late update. Things got a little busy during the holidays. Hope everyone had a great start to the new year!
I've received a self-help book as a present before. Ah, the wonderful passive-aggressive revenge gifts...
Whoops. Dangit, I wanted to edit the comic so I just deleted the old page and replaced it with the new one... Forgot that it'd junk the comments and ratings. >.< Sorry bout that.
Really? Hrm. And I actually liked the background a lot more than the colored characters. Hah. Well, I'll see what I can do... Thanks for the feedback!