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likes funnelcake
and cant draw for peanuts
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omg i love your comic so far! i love your coloring style and the story!
omg how exciting!!!!!!
oooooh love the colors!
hahahahahahaah! it hurts it hurts lol im loling so hard thanks1 XD
ooooh i hope for some guy fight lol jk
lol is that a joker referance lol!
Awsome sauce!
now you dont give up on this ! we are counting on you!<3 XD
a month nnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooo
ohhhhhhhhhh its getting really exciting now!
omg its getting o suspensful!
awww i love that expression after he got hit :P
omg is that .... heven? nooo dont go twords the light! X0
noesssssssssssssss XC
oh mty the suspense!
wow he must really want that money lol XD
wow great stroy line so far! cant wait for more!
some reason that doog looked happy 8I
whuts he doing? i dont think hes doing what he thinks hes doing?