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skating,pivot movies,youtube,guitar,parkour, and i currently have an obsession with zombies,you would to if you knew that one day zombies will take over. my favorite zombie movie is zombieland, the title speaks for itself. my favorite game is (you've probably guessed it)resident evil 1-4.I also love the game "thing thing".I love comedy, which is kinda why my favorite movie is zombieland. i also really love horror. Favorite horror movie is the saw series. btw my characters a black fox who has control over electricity and telekinises or however u spell it!:D oh and go to this link to give a me! [url=][img][/img][/url]
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i wish i could draw shtuff like that lol!
i love bioshock!XD
just pm me wit all the stuff i listed if ur intrested im takin up to 8 people cause im wierd like that! :D and p.s when i say belongs to 8bepan i mean he put it on spriters reasource. idk if 8bepan made it from scratch!lol
i guess we could try that. but we need someone to die. i might create a random pedestrian that we befriend but gettes eatin. so lets do it!
srry about the text i forgot to make it bigger for the animation prosess
panel 1:shade:thats acrapload of zombies
leo:how are we to get past them?
panel 2: Darkness: i got nothing.
panel 3: shade:i got one but it's more of an epic zombie land line followed by leroying it into the zombified mas. leo:lets do it.
panel 4: shade:it's time to nut up or shut up.
@Sadpanda: i would never steal sprites
actually thats really good!
thats alot of spartan heads....(0.0)
>go all mission impossible for no reason and find the charmed forks!
;-;(but hey finnaly an update!)
couple days off i know. if u dont know wen it was it was june 23.Well happy be-lated birthday to the fastest thing alive!
im goin 2 be goin there anyway so...
what will happen next!
4 a little bit?
i could give u the ones i use