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Maybe in reality the digglet is like a viperfish. (As in we only see part of a larger much ferocious creature underneath the ground.)

If that tunnel is connected dragon thing could easily just blow fire down the hole and burn guttripper. =p
Loving this comic so far.:D I'd probably guess he said something straight forward like "Hey there, fancy a shag?" >.<
Maybe Taka wants in on the action as well? :O
A year already? :O I have a feeling where this could go. Although I have a dirty mind he he ^_^
Looking pretty good so far :) I'm quite intrigued to find out what will happen. " SolaratheHedgehog" If you go back a few pages you will notice that when Rukia left her body, Ichigo didn't notice. So he must be loosing his abilities as a Shinigami =]
This page isn't very fancy but is needed to tell part of the story :P
This is what pokemon should be about :D Great stuff
Here's page 2. This page took me ages.. but it's finally up :)