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I am an Australian girl who is OBSESSED with cats.It was my first musical! I have good feelings about this gang!
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I agree, facial expressions and effects are exeptional!
Poor Quaxo/Misto
I feel for him, I really do.This is so tragic, and for one of my favorite characters of the musical (I have three). Keep up the great work! You have done so well in making them more human!

Im still upset about Quaxo however.......

I think i am going to cry as well.........
This comic is leading in a good direction i feel. However I have a question:

Are mungojerrie and rumpleteaser blood relatives or romantically involved?

P.S. I feel so sympathetic for Quaxo.I hope he survives.

P.P.S. Please get back to me.
It's still only the prologue and i am already excited!
Its good
Your artwork is very inspiring...