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Progressive style=WIN!
I loved how Dake gets chubbier, Tommy's hands move in more interesting positions, Dake gets a glint in his eye and they get closeeeeerrr... Yeah...
December 2nd, 2009
(! No next?! Arghhh!!)
Never mind, internal monologue...
Thanks so much for the updates, best thing ever, man!!
And Hotaru looks totally cool *steals his clothes away*
December 2nd, 2009
Who needs a concrete plot? Let's make this a progressive (in the rock genre sense) comic. Let's let itself grow...
And 5 pages, woohooo! That made my week!
Always wanted to get a tattoo, could never make my mind up on one design. Maybe I should get all of them with an "or" tattooed between?..
Also, *love love love love*
Let's all get naked! (or topless at least)
@Cocoa Neko: I was just thinking the exact same thing...
Flexy...mmmm.... XD
*grope grope grope*
Can I mourn you with huge spliffs and Sweet Smoke playing in the background?
Just kidding, hope you feel better soon, man, just spent 10 days in bed with the flu myself...
Yesss! An update!..
I'm with Ren, too. Monday needs his ass kicked badly (or shoveled, like sunlily suggested, either's nice)

Aw, feel better soon, love!
I was sort of expecting this, too bad I was right. Little fucker. *cracks knuckles menacingly*
Update! Yeah!! \(^_^)/
October 8th, 2009
*nibbles on Dake* nom nom nom...
What an unbelievable dick!!
@amiko_16, let's strangle him together...
*excited* Yeah yeah, smack him and then tie him up and then make the cow come out of Tommy by kissing him senseless, yeah, Dake, you can do it!!
That old lady creeps me out... Just wanted to get it off my chest... -_-|

It's cool about updates, whenever you can is fine!
@Goddess Ace: Lol, icon+comment=WIN!
I hate the way she looks at him, you know, out of the corner of her eye, like she expects he's gonna blow up at her at any minute... Poor girl...
Edit: why is the image censored?! Damn damn damn damn... (Dake belly, though *purr*)